Question on YouTube Compilation Channel

Samuel shin

Jun 20, 2019
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so I'm a very shy person and have low self-esteem. Nothing to brag about actually lol

I've been wanting to create a youtube channel just for fun, and lately, I've been enjoying this game called PUBG (Player Unknown BattleGround) I bet most of you have heard of it at this point.

I wanted to start a compilation channel, but I tried to record a few times, but IMO they are not funny whatsoever... I've seen some funny PUBG compilations of YouTube and was wondering if I could just cut some of those videos (from the original uploader) and make them into a compilations video of my own.

I saw quite some posts that you cannot get monetized from doing this kind of stuff, but I've seen way too many channels doing this and I wanted to give it a try and would love to get it monetized :)

Any suggestions or remarks about this topic would be great!

Thanks in advance!