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Question on SEO after reading Greywolf's tutorial? Any help would be great!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bulldoze76, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. bulldoze76

    bulldoze76 Registered Member

    Apr 1, 2014
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    I recently came across Greywolf's break down of SEO, what it means, what the SE look for, how ranking is built through out the internet and how it is indexed on SE...
    Great read.. and it can answer 80% of question you might of had about it...

    So after reading it I now have some specific questions that i am hoping the pros here on BHW might help answer..

    Is there a difference the type of site you have for SEO services? Meaning if i have a site for Clickbank, or a blog to make money on advertising, or if I offer a service (like credit card processing) to small business? Is it all the same for SEO (driving business) all considered "money site" or are these all completely different issues and need services that pertain to each sector?

    How do find the keywords that would apply to my "money site" (by money site, i am assuming it is were the customer can click or purchase, where i make money) but what is the best way to find those keywords, and research them?

    Last question, in the simplest of "guidelines" or steps... what would be a professional approach to getting a campaign started?

    For example... Steps:
    1.Create content, place on minimum 10 blogs
    2.Isolate keywords (via adwords account, free search)
    3.Search competition,
    4. Contact SEO service..
    5. so on..

    I would like to know I can do some of the leg work, learn more about it so when i do find i am ready for SEO services, i will know when and if it is needed.

    Any of the BHW wisdom is much appreciated! Thanks