Proxies with REAL 100% Canada IP(s)

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    There are perhaps a hundred or more Proxy sellers at BHW itself.
    Very few have Canada IP Proxies. I tried a few of those who do have it.
    Although an IP test will show them as a Canada location IP, Google recognizes most of them as non-Canada (i.e. US, Hungary, etc). (Let us not get into the technicalities of why this happens, real, virtual server, etc, please let's forget technicalities for now)
    In other words, when creating a Google (Adwords) account, by default it will show US, Hungary, etc.
    I know while creating a Google (Adwords) account, we can change location (country) from a drop down box, etc , select billing country, etc ... that would risk the account towards suspension.
    If you type in the address of an internet browser & hit enter, if you are really in Canada, it takes you to ....
    Can anyone suggest me that kind of a Canada IP Proxy provider ? In other words, which Google will recognize it as a Canada IP ?
    Please PM me and perhaps I may also share some helpful tips too.
    If you cannot help, please refrain from making ugly fun and kindly do not abuse me or use filthy words.
    Thank you.