1. Alex Radcliffe

    Just Moved to Ottawa, CA - Can someone suggest ways to make money here?

    Hope everyone's doing well. I finally managed to move from a third-world country to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Anyone from Ottawa? I'm looking for ways to make money part-time outside websites in the city. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you
  2. hongnguyen

    Connect with BHW members from Montreal, Canada

    Hello, I have been in MMO for more than ten years. I want to connect with BHW members who live in Montreal so maybe we can do something together! Message me your Whatsapp! Happy new year to all!
  3. digitalrocky

    People from Canada

    Hey folks, how you guys doing, I moved here 6 months ago and living in country side but enjoying the fall colors rightnow. How's work going? What you upto?
  4. A

    Searching for Construction industry or Canadian Backlinks.

    Hey BHW Folks, Hoping someone can point me in the direction of someone that is selling backlinks within the construction industry, or Canada, or perfect case scenario, Canadian construction backlinks. Any recommendations or ideas?
  5. jenniferdelgado991


    Hi everyone! I need sites available for guest posting which have traffic mostly from CA (it is important!). With good DA. They can be non-casino ones, but accepting casino backlinks, and casino niche sites (.ca, .com - it doesn't matter). If you have such CA sites, pm me ASAP. Write your...
  6. lovepreet

    Looking For Canadian Real Estate Contextual Backlinks

    Hello guys. I'm looking for authentic real estate backlinks. PM for details
  7. Dark Hat 007

    I feel BHW is the best place to ask this Question

    Hello, happy new month. (Please read) So, I am a Nigerian, 21 years old, I know a thing or two about the whole Digital Workspace though no mind-blowing project to prove it since finance to sponsor a major project is not there, nevertheless.... I plan on leaving or should I say migrating...
  8. L

    Question for Canadians?

    Hello everyone! I am an seller on and looking to lead traffic & sales to our Amazon store from some websites and forums. Just wondering how many of your would share or seek for deals on If you used to share deals there, how did you source the deal information?
  9. Dark Hat 007

    International Targeting on GSC - Ye or Na?

    Straight to the question, should I target my site to USA? Thing is, the site will likely get more leads from USA than others. But I could still make sales in Canada, UK, Germany etc. So should I target a country here. P.s it isn't a local site, I'll just love more USA traffic. Thoughts please.
  10. akash80575

    Canadian Phone Number

    I am planning to buy a Canadian phone number. Can anyone suggest me a provider with easy and best plans and call forwarding to India available?
  11. Askkate8

    I need a paid/Free unlimited USA/CANADA OR UK number

    Hello everyone I know am new here but I have been an ardent follower of this forum for quite a while, but after going through this forum I discover there's no where anyone posted how to get a Free/paid Unlimited USA/CANADA OR UK phone number
  12. marce12

    Help to make a proposal.

    First of all, I want to clarify that I am not a native English speaker, excuse me if I am not clear. I have a website 15 months ago and I have and content is 400 dental clinics , I show contact location , some lines of text, map and little more, also about 50 articles on the subject. I have...
  13. Zenarus

    Canada Freelancers needed.

    Hello! i am curretly running a beta website and testing it around the world. if you would like a free Website & Google my business Analyze, also maybe a GMB Listing :D contact me in PM CANADA ONLY.
  14. noirKnuit

    Best link marketplace for Canada Quebec?

    Hey everyone, I'm struggling to find a link marketplace/platform for the Canadian market. Do you guys know any and which one would you recommend? Thanks a lot!

    Looking for Google & Homestars Reviews for Toronto Area Businesses. ***Ontario IPs & Accounts Only

    ***IMPORTANT*** The accounts/profiles used for the reviews must be on IPs based in Ontario, Canada. I am looking for someone who can deliver Google Business Reviews and reviews from users/accounts with Ontario, Canada based IPs. ***Reviewer accounts/profiles must be from Ontario...
  16. WebHack

    Story of Scam Happened to me :/

    Hi guys, Yes, I got scammed for $2000 CAD. I came to Canada for my masters degree and here I rented an appartment to say. The apartment rent was $1000 / month so I decided to rent one room to someone. and this is where the things went wrong. I put the ad for the rent on kijiji website its a...
  17. survivorghost

    ✅ Dropshipping Canada Solution❓

    I am working with a guy in Canada to build multiple drop-shipping stores on different niches. The stores will target Canadian people. It is a good chance for me, because we are doing 50% profit, and I am only investing my time and effort, where he invest money and any physical task that is...
  18. S

    Looking For Yelp Review

    Hello I am searching for freelancer who can give me 5-star review non drop and sticky
  19. P

    ===> I need Canada Co-reg Biz Opp Leads <===

    I need Canadian biz opp leads in bulk, co-reg is fine. I need 100k records a week or more ongoing as fresh as possible *** Canada Only *** No BS phone number only or email only data I need name, phone, address, IP, etc. Typical data from people that filled out a form online interested in a...
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