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    Facebook and Youtube are the two sources used.

    Get your own domain, write some quality content. I usually use a blog and post once a day. I also use a CPAredirect plugin to mask my links on the social media sites so it looks like the ads are from my websites. This is also good to use so your AM won't steal your campaign methods.

    With some capital in hand, I used it, contacted everyone related to my niche with only QUALITY Facebook pages. I offer $10 for one post on their wall and most will accept. I find relevant pages to my ad and use the entertainment industry as my niche. Hip hop music is a good one and a lot of people seem to love filling out my offers. I contacted some of the people that owned the Jersey shore cast member pages and offered them only $10 to post one ad on their wall, they gladly accepted. For Youtube look at the people that post good videos and get tons of views on every video they submit and do the same process, ask them to put your add in the description and annotations on their next video upload for a small fee.

    Follow this small advice and you may find a way to increase your sales. I use CPA companies with quick payout like Maxbounty - Weekly, Nofussmedia - Daily, Peerfly - Daily . Talk to your AM about payment arrangements.