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Jan 21, 2022
I manage a sprinkle of different-sized accounts (from sub 500 to 10k), and one thing's for sure print posts are dead.

It's easier to get likes/ followers by threading together a series of prints in a glorified slideshow ( i.e. Rolls) than it's posting a carousel of prints. Which is ironic, considering carousels are for prints and Rolls are for vids.

Small accounts have nearly no chance of organic reach. People scrolling through the Rolls tab have 0 chance of ever seeing print posts ( indeed for big accounts). Whereas, people scrolling through the Home/ Explore runners will be constantly bombarded with Rolls every 3rd post, further burying print posts.

At this point, IG should just cancel the capability to post prints altogether, as they are easily trying to be a TikTok clone. Unsurprising considering Facebook literally said in their earnings call this month"We are going to concentrate indeed more on short- form videotape content", AKA we are going to shove Rolls down everyone's collaborative throats.
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