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Possibly a good idea? Including YouTube.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Josh Proctor, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Josh Proctor

    Josh Proctor Newbie

    Nov 10, 2016
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    Hello everyone!!

    Let me just start by saying I'm brand new on black hat, even though I have read quite a few threads about making money, usually it's YouTube that catches my eye.

    This might be an obvious idea to the majority of you, but I just need your opinions on whether it will be hitting any copyright strikes with YouTube.

    Anyway the method is basically becoming familiar with all current popular television shows, such as: Walking dead, Better call Saul, The flash, Orphan black, etc... these are just some of my favourites, however when ever the newest episode ends try and find one or two important moments within that episode such as deaths, character development, funny moments and then uploading these to YouTube, also you would upload all episode promo's and sneak peak's.

    This would take hardly any effort at all, all you would need to do is watch TV, and come on lets not lie we all love The Walking Dead (atleast I think) so it would be very popular with YouTube, and I've seen some Youtubers with less than 10k subscribers getting over 1 million views on videos including character deaths, it's ridiculous just for a one minute video clip which isn't even there's.

    I'm hoping this is legit to carry out, I would love to hear your opinions on what I would need to put in the description such as links to amc or whatever Televison company produces the show you uploading about to make it fine. If this is all okay to start I will start it from scratch showing you guys my results :)

    Hope you guys enjoy my first post and don't find me to much of a noob.