1. J

    Possibly a good idea? Including YouTube.

    Hello everyone!! Let me just start by saying I'm brand new on black hat, even though I have read quite a few threads about making money, usually it's YouTube that catches my eye. This might be an obvious idea to the majority of you, but I just need your opinions on whether it will be hitting...
  2. Julesmichael

    Looking for Ideas- (Equestrian)

    Hi, I've recently met someone who has close relationships to a television channel that's main demographic is equestrians (people who ride horses). I was wondering if you guys might have any fresh ideas on marketing to this audience via television. I know TV isn't exactly popular on here but...
  3. O

    To reach the unreachable

    The effect of online marketing in uplifting a business cannot be neglected; still there is always an audience that is not available on Facebook or Twitter. For the need to approach that percent of audience, offline marketing seems to be still effective and lively. Television, bill boards...
  4. S

    Is tv blogging saturated?

    would it be a waste of time reviewing individual episodes of a tv series and posting them on a blog site? walking the reader through the episode and sharing your thoughts. there seems to be a few sites like this and i'll sometimes run into these blogs when I'm trying to figure out what just...
  5. N

    2 x TorrentDay Invites To Trade

    I have 2 x TorrentDay invites to trade. Would prefer to trade for TV orientated torrent site invites. Cheers!
  6. sclick

    [WTH] Blog Posters ...

    Open Offer ... You should have accounts with several blogs; more is better All blogs must be Do follow instant or quick (24 hour or less) approval PR 3+ preferred niches: radio, televison, music, entertainment; others that accept, instantly, ok, too. provide list for...
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