Pointing to web 2.0 properties with seonuke x, scrapebox, or seovenom

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    Ok, I know that Scrapebox et. al. are best used when pointing to your own domain. But I have been in the 9 to 5 grind recently until I got laid off from my work-at-home Apple gig. (taking trouble calls on iphone, ipad, ipod) thru Kelly Services. I want to get back into IM, at least until my stomach starts growling too much, I have about a month before I have to get out and get a "real" job again so...

    I want to throw up a few web 2.0 properties based on some keyword research and use Senuke x, or Scrapebox to spam the hell out of them. My idea is to get a bit of money coming in. So my question is: what are the best free web 2.0 properties that could be passable money sites?

    Let's see... there's Squidoo, Hub Pages, (can't put aff links there but adsense, Amazon, and other web 2.0 sites are possibilities), Blogger, Yola, Tumblr, Weebly just to name a few.

    I think It's possible based on good, intensive keyword research to make good money just by posting articles on these web 2.0 sites - even without the benefit of tools like I mentioned above. In fact I made almost $150 dollars in Adsense revenue alone from 1 Hubpage, in a year's time, it took four hours of keyword research and 2 hours to write the content, manually post to bookmarking sites and ping.

    So If I get some $ rolling in I plan to get some domains, do some WP blogs with the same keywords as the successful 2.0 properties, and go from there.

    So... what are the best web 2.0 properties to create as money sites for Senuke X, Scrapebox or SEOVenom campaigns? (even though it's not the best way to use these tools)

    btw: here is the hub page that made me money:

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Homemade-Greenhouse---Tips-and-Tricks-on-Greenhouse-Gardening/ - (not the only page I've has success with - without automated tools).

    This is my first post where I am really reaching out for help from you guys (and gals).
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