Pitching idea for making money featuring Scandinavia and Cryptocurrency


Jun 25, 2018
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I wanna start off by saying, my account is new, but I am not a newbie to bhw. I am well aware this might (likely) isn't the right place to post, but this is where people are active, so even if my thread gets removed it would still have accomplished more than say if I posted where this post belongs.

I will do this in two parts. Part one, a little introduction and some history about myself and where i´m coming from. Part two, the idea that I am pitching. Depending on how much time you got to spare, you may wanna go ahead and just read part two, although I recommend reading part one as well, to get the
full picture and some perspective.

Part one introduction:

I am in my early adult years, uneducated but not stupid, and I am from Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden). Now I have emphasized the Scandinavia part for multiple reasons. Scandinavia as well as it's inhabitants are rich, they are digital, developed, educated and most importantly naive. This combination is an opportunity watching to be exploited to it's fullest capacity.

To make a long story short, my life has been ruined. Who's to blame? I would like to say, my parents, my teachers, my family, my bullies, society and myself. I live in misery, anger, sadness and what you would call "relative poverty". And I have done so my entire life. I can't work, I can't make friends and I have a disease that can't be cured. I get some money each month from the state but it's barely nothing. At first, I wanted to kill myself, but then I wanted to take revenge on society, but then at last, I just became emotionless and gave up on people, so instead all I care about are things, electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture, collectables and so on, and to get those, you guessed it, I need money hence why I am here.

Thus bringing me to current situation:
I wanna make money, I got nothing to lose, and everything to gain, I don't care about the moral or the legal aspect of it, because of the language I speak and where I am born, I have a good inside to a rich market. What I don't have is, capital and the stimulating skills to any larger undertaking.

Part 2 the idea:

Start a crypto currency hedge fund on a Scandinavian domain, in a Scandinavian language. Advertise it to the target audience, Scandinavians are avid users of Facebook, but also active on other social media such as but not limited to: Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. As stated earlier, people are naive, they will blindly trust a fellow Nordic person/company, if worded correctly. As stated earlier, I got nothing to lose, I can be the fall guy for the hedge fund, I can register the domain name in my name, and I can do the social things, live chat, phone support, build up people's trust. Like bitconnect but for the nordic market, and not a ponzi scheme. The illegal part is going to be licensing, tax and that kinda stuff.

So in short, I am looking for some people who wanna give this idea a shot, we need a starting capital, we need to figure out how other crypto investing websites works and copy that. We are going to need designs and a programmer for the website. And we need investors/speculators to invest people's money into cryptocurrencies.

This is an half baked idea, not even a good one, but it is something, done right we can be successful and it's low risk for everyone involved excluding me. My biggest mistake with this post is coming from a place of weakness, it sounds like a pity party and begging but it's not, feel free to tell me to go fuck myself.