1. bestspinner

    Better Alternative to Bitcoin

    if there is a better alternative to bitcoin, what do you think it is? what is that coin? must be decentralized, secure, limited, and impossible to ban. but faster and have more feature etc...
  2. E

    How to Choose Good NFT Marketing Agency?

    I want to good NFT marketing agency to get better knowledge about NFT.
  3. Rakzs

    Learn crypto trading easily with this big info archive

    I found this Notion which has a lot of good info for trading, everything you need to learn to be successful. It's by Insilico.
  4. Rakzs

    List of crypto resources for anonymity / no KYC purposes

    As you know KYC is very big in the crypto space which isn't good for those who want privacy with whatever they're doing. Here's some resources I have found which provide lists of good resources for anonymity. - List of wallets, sites, general...
  5. Crypto Marketing

    Visa, PayPal, Western Union Among Fall Flurry of Crypto Trademark Filings Exciting big names in the list. It will be crazy if these trademarks turn into actual products. According to Visa's fillings, the firm is contemplating a "cryptocurrency wallet," describing it as...
  6. M

    Crypto to Russian ruble - Russia situation

    Good afternoon all, Does anyone have a solution to convert cryptocurrency to Russian ruble? Thanks in advance
  7. Followlix

    [GUIDE] How To Make Pocket Change Money in Crypto with ZERO Investment - The AMA Method - BEGINNER FRIENDLY!

    Disclaimer: This method will only generate you pocket change money, especially now in bear market when there isn't much going on. We'll discuss scalability and other details at the end of this guide. There are plenty of ways to make money in crypto, but most as we all know most of them require...
  8. Crypto Marketing

    A House in South Carolina was sold on OpenSea for $175k

    Forget Apes and CryptoPunks, an actual house was sold on OpenSea for 175k USDC. Newly renovated three-bedroom home - Sold as an NFT. Link to the listing: Link to the onchain sale transaction...
  9. G

    Newbie here

    Hi I am Santos and I am here looking for a freelancer job.currently I am in pursuit to fnd a job as soon possible,considering i am totally broke.I am 27 years interest include: Crypto currency,customer support and managing webistes.
  10. Followlix

    [Stablecoins] Learn everything there is to learn about stablecoins and why you should use them

    I see a lot of confusion on BlackHatWorld about cryptocurrencies, what exactly are they and how to use them. As a seller that only accepts cryptocurrency as payment option and as a person that keeps 99% of their net-worth on the blockchain, I'd like to share some of my knowledge here, and...
  11. playbunny

    Cryptocurrency + Adult Tube $100/Day [JOURNEY]

    So I'm sure everyone on BHW has been inspired, in one way or the other, by the Journeys posted here. Special mention to @wirestyle and highroll3r. I've decided to take a spin on two common Journey types, a crypto project and an adult tube. Before i divulge the plans for this spin. To explain...
  12. Mangangel

    How to - Research people who assist with CryptoCurrency?

    Hello, I have had recommendations to work with two people who assist with trading. I'm not sure how to research these people. How do you do it? Do you hire someone? If so, how? The people in question are: Letton Deb (Has a Facebook and Instagram) Mrs Lisa Rickson (cant find anything about...
  13. letuvis

    [JV] My Subreddit community - your sales techniques

    hello, I own a few subreddits with decent traffic. crypto niche and music niche, both SFW Who wants to join? I would send the stats in private. We could share 50/50. I have few ideas myself but sky is never the limit.
  14. GNews

    [Case Study] Launching a Crypto News Site

    As stated before, I've been wanting to launch a crypto news site with staff. It's been done now. It's complete and rolling. Key Factors: 1) Name branding was amazing! I have 'Crypto' in domain name. For me, it was extremely hard to do this for a .com . Try yourself and see what you can...
  15. SocialManager

    What does Coinbase do well? "Coinbase reports $1.1 billion loss amid crypto winter"

    Headlines today reported that Coinbase had losses of over a billion dollars in the second quarter of 2022.
  16. crystalwiz

    Which Payment Gateway Should I Use?

    Not exhaustive but eye-opening enough to not put your business in crazy charge-back debt. Popular payment gateways PayPal - don’t even go there. PayPal sucks 100% and here is why PayPal is a terrible company for many reasons. First, they charge fees for nearly everything, including receiving...
  17. Harnur

    How to Buy Crypto in the USA?

    I have a decent amount of money in my US bank account, and i wish to buy crypto with it. I am not a US citizen, so, i can't register on the US crypto exchange as they require an SSN number, driving license, and US phone number. I don't have any of these. I don't wish to buy crypto from 3rd...
  18. Negi Ji

    Ronaldo does partnership with binance

    I just read the news that Ronaldo is doing partnership with Binance to sell NFT'S. What do you guys think about this and do you think it can help crypto reach new heights?
  19. J

    Crypto Bot Course or Resources

    Hey guys! What is the best abt most up to date course or resource to learn about crypto bots considering I am pretty new to crypto. Thanks
  20. Danny Crypto

    Invest $820 Get That Back In 4 months After That $7 a day min earnings

    If you are having money which is just sitting and want to grow then this method is for you. The method will require some basic knowledge of Cryptocurrency + NFT + P2E Projects. The P2E Project I am going to talk about is from Metasource Games called as Castles. It's a long term based project...