1. Ms.Marry

    How to Become Consistent Cryptocurrency Trader [Expert Advice]

    1. Be Purpose-driven is crucial for you to make clear the motive you have to start a cryptocurrency trade. Trade keeps you motivated because this is not a gamble; for every win, there is a loss in equal measure. What aspect of crypto trading do you want to be involved in? Day Trading? Yield...
  2. hYpeZz

    Looking for blockchain game developer to join our NFT game creation

    Hello, I and my partner are looking for a blockchain developer who wants to join us in creating NFT play2earn game. We have a browser game that is playable and we need to make it a blockchain NFT game. So basically you need to connect the game with the wallet, create smart-contracts, minting...
  3. Huncho

    What do you think about these coins?

    Hi Guys, What do you think about: 1. NEO 2. Fantom 3. Flow 4. Polygon
  4. sandyme

    Artificial Intelligence and Crypto Investment

    I am not much of a crypto investor but still, i am willing to understand and learn more about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crypto market investment. I saw a couple of videos here and there and it does look promising but I am judging them by the fact they were posted by a bunch of...
  5. BradyX

    [HAF] Looking for an NFT Programmer to Create 4000 NFTs

    We have an artist designing hundreds of incredible traits. Looking for a person who can develop or provide the script to create random programmatically generated designs
  6. M

    bitcoin mining legal in Indonesia?

    Hi any body can say, is that legal to mining in Indonesia by using bitminer?
  7. RB1987

    My Crypto Trading Journey!

    Hi, recently I have started my crypto trading and i am very excited to share my experience and results with the community. If i am posting this thread in the wrong place please feel free to move it to the right one.I will try to answer all the questions I get. Thank you. This is the 4th-day...

    Thread for Indians: Withdrawing Cryptocurrency to Indian Bank account. What are the limitations?

    Suppose someone has 10 crores Rupees transaction to do with an Indian business partner. They made this money through a deal, but received cash from the client. Now they cannot just directly deposit 10Cr it into bank accounts because the trade is kind of illegal here in India. So they ask the...
  9. U

    Crypto Investment Journey - To the Moon

    Hey BHW! Update: I wanted to drop in about an update of what I've been doing since my last post here and where the scheme of things had lead me on my journey so far. After learning basic Front-End web development and freelancing to support myself since April (thankfully I didn't quit the...
  10. bulba13

    Looking for someone who can make dextools trending bot

    As said in the title. I want to get a coin trending on dextools. I need a show of proof that your bot works before payment. Also, it has to be affordable. only JR vip above
  11. bulba13

    Pancakeswap snipe/trading bots

    Can anyone recommend me a legit snipe bot or trading bot for pancakeswap? Affordable and working. I want to get in early on fairlaunch, i know there are anti bot measures in new contracts. I just want to be able to make buy orders and stop loss. I dont want to sit around all day looking...
  12. C

    Pancake Swap + Poocoinapp Investing Bot

    Hey, I'm searching for bot that works with Pancake Swap and Poocoinapp. So it would be great if the bot can buy in the microsecond of the launch of a specific coin or at least at the first dip (even better if it can buy in the first microsecond of the public launch). Furthermore it would be...
  13. bestspinner

    Do you play crypto game?

    So yesterday I tried to play this game account upgrade and all that, I think this game is fun. And then i tried the market to buy and then sell it again for profit and it really works i just sell the card i bought for profit this is crazy Just look at it guys, also...
  14. BitcoinGuru

    [Method] How to find gems on Pancakeswap?

    After about 2 years since I'm a member of BHW, I decide to share my method how to find hidden gems on Pancakeswap. This method is a bit risky, because of all scams/rug pulls on Pancakeswap. 1) Open BSCscan token. This is a link for BSCscan 2) you could use an auto-refreshing tool or just...
  15. Elvlin

    Play these NFT game to start earn money today.

    Seem a lot people still think that crypto is just buy, sell, and hold. Well this is wrong, crypto has far grown far from only speculative market, it have it's own ecosystem with real product demand and supply. There are DeFI, NFT ,and The new booming project NFT gaming. Here are some NFT...
  16. M

    what do you think about this token ?

    Sonar Ping is among the newly listed coins on Coinmarketcap and it is a utility token rather than a memecoin, which I like the idea behind it. but as the team refused to mention any other pre-existing competitors, and i am sure there should always be, so are there any other pre-existing...
  17. T

    [WTB] Reddit Posts From High Karma Account + Upvotes & Comments

    Looking for an experienced freelancer or service provider who can post from high karma Reddit accounts and follow up with upvotes & comments from high karma accounts. Will be needed for 2-3 posts daily and will be posting in crypto subreddits such as cryptomoonshots etc. We have a good...
  18. 4

    Telegram shiller/ bot for shilling expert needed! Long term work

    For a Crypto Project I'm in search for some one who knows about Telegram/ crypto marketing. Who knows how to shill, how to get real active and engaging members in a Telegram group. Whether it's scraping using a bot to shill, or some other way. I'm open to all of that! Send me a DM with...
  19. 4

    TG shill bot + upvotes

    Hi, Looking for freelancer and/ or someone with a sale thread here on BHW who has a TG bot + an "old" account that can automatically post shill messages in Telegram crypto groups (I have a list). And if possible send mass DM to all those people in those groups. Also looking for someone who...
  20. Harnur

    Where shud i keep my crypto?

    I don't want to touch my crypto for the next 1 year. I don't wish to invest it either. I just want to store it in some currency and probably sell it after 1-2 years when I need more money. So, 1. In which currency shud i keep/store my crypto?(something that doesn't fluctuate at all). Is USDT...