1. Jookar

    China BANS ❌ ALL Cryptocurrencies....Again What does this mean?

    Please anybody can go to China And talk to Xi Jinping that what he want really ! is He banning Bitcoin or is he Trolling. i dont Understanding this !!! ONE day he Accept and The Other day he Ban (MOODY JOODY) Watch out the video
  2. Windnfire

    Looking for Crypto Specialist - Facebook Ads // Google Ads etc.

    Hello there, We're looking for partners for the long term. What do we propose: 100$ For Setting Up Adds and +10% from a budget that was spent on ads. (optional we can change conditional during conversation offer + or - ) Please provide me your showcases. Portfolio I'm Looking forward to...
  3. Windnfire

    Are we entering a new global crisis?

    I guess most of you kept an eye on stocks and noted some significant moves this year. The most valuable is a huge dump of Evergrande, the Chinese second-largest property developer. The company is in great debt, so the stock is tanking. COVID pandemic should've crashed the economy, however, all...
  4. feler

    Many crypto currencies for exchange and investment

    I am looking for a portal or stock exchange where I can buy large quantities of crypto, invest in them and buy / sell in real time. Ideally buy crypto via credit card and exchange between crypto.
  5. Windnfire

    BTC Dump, what to do?

    Hi, I guess you see that the market is going lower day by day. During all of these years, I realized that the best time for buying it's to buy when the market full of blood) Just wait for a new cool feature, just like DeFi came to the market a year ago. And find a way to earn on it. Buy...
  6. iloveubanij

    Have you heard about StrongBlock Nodes and max 3 Months Return On Investment thing?

    I was looking for something to invest and this is what I came on. Strong Block - CryptoCurrency - Named as - Strong - Rank 475 on CoinMarketCap - On YouTube people are saying its good to go, hodl 10 Strong tokens and make a node, get 0.1 Strong...
  7. Windnfire

    DeFi?NFT? What will be the next trend in crypto?

    Hello guys, Does anyone do research on the crypto market? What is your opinion will be the next trend in crypto? what are your assumptions?
  8. T

    build me a dextools trending bot

    Hello guys I need someone to make dextools bot that can trend my token as per my need, if you think you know the real algorithm of Dextools how trending function works then only DM or Leave info so I can dm No advance payment until successful result Thank you in advance
  9. bladee4r

    I hate the current state of crypto.

    Hi, a user messaged me about crypto and I wanted to put my response out to you guys on my current views of crypto, and possibly see what you guys think or hope to inform you guys somewhat. I would tag them, but maybe they don't want that. If they want to comment below they can. The truth is, I...
  10. S help with traffic

    I'm trying to build more traffic to my NFTs and boost my ranking in the explore pages on . If anyone has a way to make it happen it would be much appreciated.
  11. Legit App

    Smart Contract/Token Locking wallets, can this happen?

    Hello BHW, So i am not experienced in the technical side of the development of a token on the ERC20 blockchain but i am fearing something. I recently collaborated with a team and i kinda work with them in graphic design, they sent me coins from their project and its been 2 months since then...
  12. mangoform

    myrcene journal

    myrcene is a terpene found in mangos. This is a way for me to write more. To work harder. To keep track for myself, progress, and regression. Failures and success. I could do this anywhere else, Im choosing blackhatworld. A shitty situation happened whatever, move on. TLDR: really going to...
  13. GringoMonkey

    [JV] You bring influencers, i bring them deals.

    I am looking at setting up a new influencer agency, with a bit of a twist, involving crypto. I know the exact influencers you should be targeting. It is just the scale means i need help contacting them. Your responsibilty will be bringing in influencers. I will set up the deals that make them...
  14. solononforever

    Looking to buy Crypto Traffic

    I have a crypto product & funnel that has a very high conversion rate, if anyone has crypto traffic ~ DM ME NOW! I'm happy to pay a premium. No time wasting.
  15. Windnfire

    Marketing for Crypto Telegram channel

    Hi there, We need marketing help with the promotion of the crypto telegram channel. Budget varies from 1000 to 3000$ Please let me know as soon as possible. The project will start very soon. P.S. Looking for a long-term partnership.
  16. P

    $100k to $1million trading stocks, fx, futures and crypto

    Hi, I have been on and off bhw for over 10 years lurking. Made some money back in the days with IM but then moved onto other things like trading. I want to share my journey here to document my trading journey to learn from my mistake and document what I did right. And also learn from you guys...
  17. C

    Marketing Service for Crypto

    Long story short, was offer a marketing role in a crypto project. Can anyone provide me a service to promote a not well-known but highly respected(due to lots of big name partnership in that area). TG shilling is a no no since that never work. I was thinking press release but if you have any...
  18. Lordmancer

    Found this nice-looking anime NFT project token called Cute Chibbi Girls (CCG). Looks like an amazing project and high-quality NFT’s

    This is in no way any financial advice. Always DYOR! I’m looking at a few times per week on Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram for new tokens, new projects. There are plenty of new projects that look cool. But this one looks really good. The tokenomics are 7% of all transactions go to all the...
  19. sandyme

    Artificial Intelligence and Crypto Investment

    I am not much of a crypto investor but still, i am willing to understand and learn more about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crypto market investment. I saw a couple of videos here and there and it does look promising but I am judging them by the fact they were posted by a bunch of...
  20. Polyphemus

    [JOURNEY] $10,000 / month with Pump & Dump Crypto Signals

    With this journey being posted, I finally turn from a regularly on-site lurker to a full-fledged BHW member. Over the last couple of months, I've carefully developed a plan/concept on how to (hopefully) make money in the crypto space. Now I want to take you with me on my expedition - effectively...