1. Fashina Samson

    AXS Staking On Binance

    You may want to try this if you have some spare cash. Interest rates are pretty cool. NFA. DYOR!
  2. Maxim Fadeyev

    Telegram bot to filter spam/bot users

    Salut, BHW! I am a part of a crypto project that somehow went viral on Indonesian Twitter and now we are dealing with a lot of spam and bots in our Telegram chat. Does anyone know a tool or bot to manage your community in Telegram and filter out the new users and clean up the existing ones...
  3. Toz

    So Apparently, Dogecoin has a Girlfriend?

    I don't think Doge is aware of it yet, but there's a girl Doge that has her sights set on dating this lovable dog coin. It's called DOGEGF, and it had one heck of wild a ride, a few days ago. I have absolutely no idea if something like that would happen again with this token, but it's probably...
  4. P

    JV - You market a portfolio of new crypto tokens, you get 50% profits

    Thanks for considering my jv. I am looking to jv with a marketing expert who can create the hype and market our portfolio of new crypto tokens. You get 50% profits, we add 40% to liquidity, and the rest goes to continuous development. DM me if you're interested, and I'd be happy to discuss...
  5. R


    I've made some NFT arts in Adobe Illustrator, but I've no idea where to sell them and how to sell them? I've seen people making money from it, so is it that easy to make money by selling it?
  6. R4v3nbl4ck

    This token is probably going to skyrocket

    As most of you probably know, gaming tokens like AXS can be extremely profitable. If you wish you bought AXS early, there might be a similar opportunity: GODS, the token from Gods Unchained. Its presale starts on october 13th on Coinlist, so if you are interested make sure to sign up and...
  7. Efn

    If you know where to learn to make money with crypto, please tell me

    Hello everyone, if anyone knows where I can get information about it, I am attentive to listen to any suggestions. I feel like information is power, but when I venture to find where to learn how to make money on sites like Binance or these new cryptogames, I only see people promising $ 100 + /...
  8. Razorfeast

    Which Coin to Be Preferred Right NOW ?

    I am planning to invest some of my money on Btc And other coins , But did not have much khowledge about which coin to buy , which coin would be good for short term and Which coin would be good for long term , Plus I would be buying from binance , so Please tell me that It have secure wallet or...
  9. L

    Looking for Dextools and CMC Bot

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a CMC and dextools trending bot
  10. William702

    Getting Back into Crypto. Cardano?

    Thinking of putting a one or two percent of my portfolio into Cardano for a medium to long term investment. Or at least for a year or two. I was hoping to float the idea here and here peoples opinions on it. As well as their opinions on Cardano good and bad. Of course I have done some of my own...
  11. Jookar

    China BANS ❌ ALL Cryptocurrencies....Again What does this mean?

    Please anybody can go to China And talk to Xi Jinping that what he want really ! is He banning Bitcoin or is he Trolling. i dont Understanding this !!! ONE day he Accept and The Other day he Ban (MOODY JOODY) Watch out the video
  12. Windnfire

    Looking for Crypto Specialist - Facebook Ads // Google Ads etc.

    Hello there, We're looking for partners for the long term. What do we propose: 100$ For Setting Up Adds and +10% from a budget that was spent on ads. (optional we can change conditional during conversation offer + or - ) Please provide me your showcases. Portfolio I'm Looking forward to...
  13. Windnfire

    Are we entering a new global crisis?

    I guess most of you kept an eye on stocks and noted some significant moves this year. The most valuable is a huge dump of Evergrande, the Chinese second-largest property developer. The company is in great debt, so the stock is tanking. COVID pandemic should've crashed the economy, however, all...
  14. feler

    Many crypto currencies for exchange and investment

    I am looking for a portal or stock exchange where I can buy large quantities of crypto, invest in them and buy / sell in real time. Ideally buy crypto via credit card and exchange between crypto.
  15. Windnfire

    BTC Dump, what to do?

    Hi, I guess you see that the market is going lower day by day. During all of these years, I realized that the best time for buying it's to buy when the market full of blood) Just wait for a new cool feature, just like DeFi came to the market a year ago. And find a way to earn on it. Buy...
  16. iloveubanij

    Have you heard about StrongBlock Nodes and max 3 Months Return On Investment thing?

    I was looking for something to invest and this is what I came on. Strong Block - CryptoCurrency - Named as - Strong - Rank 475 on CoinMarketCap - On YouTube people are saying its good to go, hodl 10 Strong tokens and make a node, get 0.1 Strong...
  17. Windnfire

    DeFi?NFT? What will be the next trend in crypto?

    Hello guys, Does anyone do research on the crypto market? What is your opinion will be the next trend in crypto? what are your assumptions?
  18. T

    build me a dextools trending bot

    Hello guys I need someone to make dextools bot that can trend my token as per my need, if you think you know the real algorithm of Dextools how trending function works then only DM or Leave info so I can dm No advance payment until successful result Thank you in advance
  19. bladee4r

    I hate the current state of crypto.

    Hi, a user messaged me about crypto and I wanted to put my response out to you guys on my current views of crypto, and possibly see what you guys think or hope to inform you guys somewhat. I would tag them, but maybe they don't want that. If they want to comment below they can. The truth is, I...
  20. S help with traffic

    I'm trying to build more traffic to my NFTs and boost my ranking in the explore pages on . If anyone has a way to make it happen it would be much appreciated.