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    Hi everyone, I was doing some keyword research today and I noticed a Wordpress site promoting a CPA offer in the number one spot for a keyword that's fairly competitive. i'm not even going after this keyword, but the fact that this site is in the number one spot tells me that it's a good format, and I like how it's set up to maximize CTR. I want to make websites just like it, but I don't recognize the theme.

    Here's the site:

    I REMOVED it because apparently it's taboo to share other people's sites.

    Basically the site has a HUGE header with some bullet points, a picture, and a big button taking the user to the offer. Below that is a section for keyword targeted articles. Each post is a ~500 word article, but clicking on the different posts doesn't change the way the header looks.

    Does anyone recognize this theme, or is it probably custom made? I really want to make my money sites that target CPA offers look like this.

    I realize this question is practically pointless if you can't see the website, and since I'm not supposed to share it I'm just going to let this thread die...
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    dont share other ppl sites....