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Paypal Dispute form customer instagram services

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by stevenjoh, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. stevenjoh

    stevenjoh Junior Member

    Mar 27, 2011
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    Hi, guys, i am here to ask for advice. I had this buyers who has been at least 2-3month, who constantly bought instagram services from my site such as followers, automatic likes subscription. At first, i thought he is an awesome buyer, with above average life time value.

    All of a sudden one day, i receive dispute for all the transaction. Being a long time buyers, suddenly he realized the followers, likes was fake, he thinks that he was played, cheated. But base on the websites, or emails i had, i never claimed followers or likes were real!

    After that, I've educated him about this industry, making proposal about refunding him 50%. So he agreed, at first i ask him to cancel half of the dispute, but he thinks is liable risk for him. Fine, I'll release first. After that, i told i've refund half of those transaction, it was his turn to release but he is giving me excuse about the money went back his credit card instead of his paypal. blah blah blah now he is not replying my emails. Basically, he dishonored our agreement.

    So my questions for the day are
    Should i fight for the dispute escalated claims, because i heard ?
    The only reason is holding me back, is because this is an instagram followers, i am pretty sure you understand paypal don't like seller who sell product like this

    If i fight submitting my proof of followers, likes delivered, will it risk my paypal accounts getting closed?
    because if this put me at a real risk of getting paypal closed, i rather just refund the rest of the money

    For people doing the same niche, how do you deal with situation like this?

    Hope i can get good advice from you guys, Thank you!