Paypal Content Locker Needed (Pic Included)


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Dec 15, 2009
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The only semi-helpful source I have found is through *******.com (I'll abide to the censorship... but hmm I wonder which incentivized cpa network I'm talking about) :rolleyes:

However, since I won't be using there substandard advertisements, it would be preferable to attain such a "widget" or "content locker" without being associated with them.

I need a content locker specifically for paypal donations. I created one that was perfect through *******


Can anybody help?! Is there a product that I just missed while researching? I'd be willing to pay. The incoming traffic would click the donate button, go to my paypal account, "donate", then get redirected to the page where the password is. The opacity of the locker would have to be 100% because the information they desire is indeed on the same page.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, and I'd be more than willing to return some sort of favor. My business is literally at a standstill until I can obtain this specific kind of content locker.

perhaps I could create the widget through *******.com and then manipulate the finished code so its just applicable to me and not associated with the cpa network whatsoever?? ... Is anyone familiar with paypal IPN and/or API's?
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no reply till 10 months what happend to this Post.. i want to know that this is legel or not ...
Some cpa content lockers, have this option for the paypal when the offers are not available for the visitors
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