blackhat codebreaker

  1. D

    Paypal Content Locker Needed (Pic Included)

    The only semi-helpful source I have found is through *******.com (I'll abide to the censorship... but hmm I wonder which incentivized cpa network I'm talking about) :rolleyes: However, since I won't be using there substandard advertisements, it would be preferable to attain such a "widget" or...
  2. djelica

    [Q] About BHCB leads

    I would greatly apperciate if someone answer this simple question. ok, i have site on which one part is locked by content gateway (other than bhcb) and due to long forms, convertion is really bad. What if i put bhcb (instead of gateway i use) to promote email/zip offers to generate leads to my...
  3. A

    How to require opt-in to watch a video

    I'm looking for advice here. Not sure this is considered black hat but I just want visitors to my site to be able to watch a few mins. of video then require they fill out an opt-in form. The video would then continue or I could send a password. It's a Joomla site if it makes a difference. Any...
  4. T

    Looking for JV with BlackHat CodeBreaker user

    Hey all-- I havent posted in months on here. I read and read and read. I am looking for someone to partner up with that has Blackhat CodeBreaker and a CPA account (that pays) and knows how to use it. I am much better at the business side of things and have wanted to try something for some...
  5. U

    MoviePHP script + Blackhat Codebreaker - Possibile?

    I bought the script from and i want to integrate Blackhat Codebreaker in every video page...The script is in PHP and i don't know how to do it... Can you tell me if it can be done or not?If yes can you please tell me how should i do it?
  6. R

    CPALead alternatives, How to get links(Surveys/Etc)

    Hey, I'm thinking about buying BlackHat CodeBreaker but I was wondering where I should get my links from ? I'm also wondering why I should buy it I can probably create the same thing in javascript myself ? Thanks for your time, Ruler0fAll
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