Would you buy an explore page ad from Instagram?

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Aug 18, 2017
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I searched through the search function on this site just to make sure there weren't already a million threads about this topic. I was reading an article on Business Insider last night about how Instagram is launching a feature that would allow business accounts to buy ads to place on the explore page. Since the article was behind a pay wall (Who wants to pay to read articles lmao) I will give a short synopsis here and let you guys know that there are other articles about this on Google from other reputable websites.
Appearently, you will be able to create a normal Instagram ad and when you decide where it will be placed (such as IG story, IG feed, etc.) you will be able to choose the option of putting it on the explore page.
Here is a quote from an article on The Verge about this topic, “Explore is where people are really open to discovery, and that’s why we’re really excited about this,' says Susan Buckner Rose, director of business product marketing, in a chat with The Verge."
The ads will not show up in the grid when you preview the explore page, but they will appear when users scroll down and look at pictures.
I think this is really fascinating as a concept because it seems like Instagram is doing this as a response to releasing these updates that have throttled our more traditional ways of reaching explore, such as powerlikes and botting. This seems like a way that Instagram is looking at our BlackHat methods and saying, "instead of paying eachother, you have to pay us now." This attitude is similar to the way that Facebook throttled the reach of popular pages on it's site and then encouraged them to buy ads to restore that engagement.
So far it seems (it is still too early to tell) to be a cheaper alternative to powerlikes if you are just looking to reach the explore page. I also see the possibility for the clicks to be a lot more expensive than their current native ad system so it may end up costing around the same as powerlikes in that case.
I just wanted to make this thread so I could hear what other IG veterans think about this topic. I, personally, see both positive and negative potential about it's future implementation to the site. Please tell me your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas if you want to. Thank you for reading my wall of text, and if you know more about anything I've said than I do please feel free to correct me or call me a buffoon :)
Yeah I would defintely pay a decent fee on that depending on the client. Automated organic engagement is getting tougher (not impossible just tougher;).

I think a good avenue for high paying client management services will soon be coupled with buying ads in near future.
I was just talking about this with my boss a month or so ago when all these updates started happening. Depending on cost it would easily be the intelligent way to allow brands/influencers to pay for growth and not force them to deal with the punishing limitations of the platform that they've imposed to limit botting and fake engagement
I’m in Canada and this has already been rolled out.
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