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  1. Nonused

    Any tricks to hit EXPLORE PAGE? (Instagram)

    Any tricks like power likes (if they are still a thing like they used to be in 2019), or fake engagement on a post to hit explore page big every time on Instagram?
  2. TheNextItGirl


    I'm looking for a power likes provider that can offer powerlikes for different niches. For ex. Fitness, Ig models, Food, etc. I need these accounts to be real High authority Active users, not flagged accounts with a bunch of fake followers. I'm willing to pay for high quality.
  3. Sapphire Eyes

    PAYING to reach explore page

    I searched through the search function on this site just to make sure there weren't already a million threads about this topic. I was reading an article on Business Insider last night about how Instagram is launching a feature that would allow business accounts to buy ads to place on the explore...
  4. Uzii

    Anyone else been experiencing insane reach drops?

    My last few posts have had 6-7 figure reach, now they're only getting a few thousand. I've been using my engagement groups as usual. The only things that I can think of that may affect it are: -a old IG bot I've been using for a few months (likes and comments) -I had a CPA account banned on my...
  5. xwest

    Post went viral (explorer page) Question:

    After resolving my shadowban i'm back in the game. And it seems like my strategy works. My account reached 500 followers today and the post is at 410 likes right now. People are going legitimately crazy about it. Likes, comments, follows, people tag their friends.. the whole deal. Now this may...
  6. S

    BIG problem with Instagram...

    Hey guys, I've some trouble with my Instagram account. I've an personal landscape account (2years old) with 32k followers. Engagment is normally between 3k-3.5k likes and 40-70 comments. Most of the time my photos are in the top post of big hashtags. The Problem: My account is not growing...
  7. T


    Hi guys I am starting liking and commenting group of 15 members. OK This is how we're going to do it - After a member applies and gets into the engagement group, he will be added to instagram DM group - Each member of the group is going to post a HEART ❤️ in a DM group whenever he posts...
  8. xCharged

    Would people be interested in.. getting on the explore page?

    Getting their posts on the explore page? Just want to check the interest for this.
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