Pay Per Call Offer(s) using Adwords

Oct 15, 2017
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I searched and searched (BHW) for any Thread or Section dedicated to Pay Per Call : could not find any.

I am quite good (many people say I'm excellent) in Adwords.

Can anyone advice me or guide me to a Pay Per Call Affiliate / Manager would would pay DAILY.

See, I know about CJ, Ring Partner and thousands of others. They do not pay always on time and some of them cheat in payments.

So, I am looking for a Manager (Pay Per Call) who would pay DAILY and honestly.
I am sure, there are such folks hanging out here at BHW.
I can promote the offer using Adwords, very effectively and get the phone number(s) to ring ring ring.

(NOTE : If you have nothing to contribute, it is fine, but do not post replies to make fun of others and do not use foul / dirty words.
Are you running legit adword accounts?
I run both whitehat and blackhat, but I keep both apart from eachother. What needs to be in white & can be done white, I do it white. What cannot be done in white, I use black. BUT, I keep both in different accounts and a world away from eachother.
I was reading few days ago on this forum that someone was selling a ebook/method to earn with pay per call. I think you looking for that?
I was reading few days ago on this forum that someone was selling a ebook/method to earn with pay per call. I think you looking for that?
I know how to earn with Pay Per Call, I have run such offers, But, read my concern again : the affiliate managers (companies) pay net 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 days and very often some commissions are missing and I felt cheated.
My concern is finding a Pay Per Call offer that pays DAILY and atleast 85% accurately, because I do realize that different tracking methods may not give 100% same results, so I said 85% payment accuracy.
The challenge is NOT running Pay Per Call offers. It is to find such an affiliate that pays DAILY and with a decent level of accuracy in payments. There are such Pay Per Call managers / offers, I just need to hunt for them.
your adword account is new ?
My dear, I have been into Adwords since 6 years and I run my "white" stuff in "long standing" accounts and my "black" stuff in my self-created "churn & burn" accounts.
I know how to run Pay Per Call offers in Adwords. That is NOT a challenge at all for me.
The challenge is finding a Pay Per Call affiliate / manager that pays DAILY : there are a handful, I need to hunt for it.
Adwords is absolutely NOT a challenge for me. Or not a challenge for me upto the level of what I need out of Adwords !!!
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