pay per call 900

  1. SeedPhrase

    Is anyone here making hefty money with PayPerCall ???

    Is anyone here making hefty money with PayPerCall ??? which PPC network do you guys use?? and what is your traffic method(paid/free/call center)??
  2. S

    Pay Per Call Offer(s) using Adwords

    I searched and searched (BHW) for any Thread or Section dedicated to Pay Per Call : could not find any. I am quite good (many people say I'm excellent) in Adwords. Can anyone advice me or guide me to a Pay Per Call Affiliate / Manager would would pay DAILY. See, I know about CJ, Ring Partner...
  3. S

    CJ landing page-Pay Per Call

    Does anyone know of or have an example landing page or a basic template that has success with Pay Per Call traffic?? I have some success but think conversions can be raised with some on page changes. Thanks
  4. D

    i need a 976/900 pay per call number

    I need a 976 pay per call number based in a country with lenient laws to toll numbers. This should work exactly like 900 numbers, when someone calls it will charge their provider per minute and it will bill them at the end of the month. Please let me know if you can set any pay per call number...
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