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PageRank - No longer accepted as a metric on Marketplace

Discussion in 'BHW Marketplace rules and how to post' started by Diamond Damien, Jul 4, 2016.

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  1. Diamond Damien

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    Oct 27, 2005
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    As an educated bunch we expect all buyers of links and link packages already know that Pagerank is no longer an effective metric to use when making a purchase decision for backlink packages, as announced earlier this year, Google PageRank will no longer be accepted as a metric on link building within marketplace threads. The metric has not been updated for some time now and Google also announced earlier this year that they have no intention of updating it again.

    There are a variety of other metrics to determine if a link or link package is acceptable to you when making a buying decision. All treads which rely on PageRank sales have the option of being updated but BHW will no longer accept Google Pagerank as part of a new Marketplace thread from Q4 2016* per the standard marketplace terms listed here old marketplace threads should consider updating their copy or submitting a new thread to stay relevant.

    Do not buy based on Pagerank and expect anything spectacular to happen to your rankings and don't expect a shitlist thread to be approved based on the Pagerank metric not being accurate.

    All good things come to an end and whilst we want everyone on BHW to have a positive experience when buying and selling in the Marketplace if you are buying or selling based on any outdated metrics, Pagerank included, there is a good chance that the experience will not be up to par for either party. Please take this into account when making your buying decisions.

    *Effective immediately Sellers should feel free to clearly link to this message with text similar to "BHW no longer recognises PageRank as an effective metric - read more about why we're removing it from our sales thread here" at the top of their copy, in font size 5, if you feel that PageRank still plays a significant part in your marketing message whilst we transition to a strict no page rank in the marketplace rule Q4 2016. Existing threads on the marketplace with PR as the core metric will be closed if not updated before Q4 2016.
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