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    Hello everybody, I am Rahul and this is my Amazon Journey.

    History and Present;
    My IM history and present revolve around paid campaigns and affiliate based SEO for CB and a couple other CPA Networks. I have been making a good amount of money doing the same. And expanding on the same idea, I have decided to test and make myself another Blueprint, but this time for Amazon.

    Needless to say, Amazon sells almost everything so the scope is endless. Although the commissions at Amazon associates is extremely less (4-8%) compared to that of ClickBank (75-90%), the thing that makes it worthwhile is that the competition is moderate and that the conversions are nearly 10-11% due to brand value.

    Why do this?
    I have started this journey for two reasons;
    1. Because this way I will be able to track and test what has been done, could be done and is being done. This tracking will clearly show what works and what doesn't, so I wouldn't be bombarded with questions regarding the same when I post these new income-shots on my Facebook wall :D (Yea, Its kind of an weird habit)
    2. Because YOU need this. I have come across my fair share of newbies looking to make money online and wanting to find courses and gurus that would spoon-feed them without having to conduct a single test. (Now speaking like a DJ :D) So this goes out to all the Newbies out there who Jesse-pinkman about nothing ever working and that making money online is hard.
    3. I know I said 2 reasons and this is the third but we are all blackhats and I'm a fan of Eddie Guerrero
    :D So, the third reason.. Because this way I can finally write a post on my blog ( which has been missing out on a lot of cool stuff.

    Project Investment;

    My part;

    Currently, I have a couple of PPC campaigns, Affiliate sites and videos bringing me money so the budget for this test/journey has been set to $700. With most of my work being on VA-pilot (Virtual Assistant - Pilot), I have over approximately 14 hours in a day to invest from which I will be using 4 hours for this project and the rest on the none-of-your-business campaign

    Your Part
    So.. YO! Gatorade me with all your feedback and comments and keep me posted with all your "I've already answered this question" kinda questions so I don't bore out and abandon this journey.

    (Now let's get down to business)

    What I have already done;
    1. Product and keyword research have been already dealt with.
    2. The Domain has been bought and a 1500 word article (outsourced) has been posted on the main page.
    3. The rank tracking was setup
    and unexpectedly enough, the site has made it to posn 91 for the main keyword. (No, its not dancing, you'll see)

    Note: For elaborate details about the journey , kindly refer to my blog.

    What will be done;
    1. On Page SEO.
    2. Off page SEO.
    3. Conversion Analysis.
    4. Possible flipping of site.

    I will keep posting as and when a development has been done along with what tool or service used.
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    Good Luck with your journey. Keep updating it.. :)
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    I wish you luck so you rank quickly and we get blueprint also. Haha
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    nice on page seo article on your site.

    bounced after it though. Maybe consider adding catchy links to the bottom?
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    So here's the first update..

    What has been done;
    1. Content - 1 more 500 word article (outsourced) has been published on the site. Topic is a long tail kw.
    2. On Page SEO - I have optimised the site with the Wordpress seo plugin and have made sure not to over-optimize and get caught up with a penalty.
    3. Analytics and Webmaster tools have been setup. (Incase, I decide to flip the site. These will come in handy)
    4. Off Page SEO - A Fiverr gig was ordered for web 2.0 and social bookmarking. Also, 3 forum profile comments and 1 blog comment have been made with the anchor as the URL.

    The current rank is
    posn 77 and improving. The site has not being dancing around.
    Also, the most interesting thing happened. I got a commission.. I knows its pennies but the thing I wish to stress is that this is my first commission at Amazon and the first is the most difficult. So, I hope it gets smoother from here.
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