1. AnimeshBhatt

    Some newbies in this forum are actually experts

    So, recently I have been reading many posts on this forum, and I saw that many newbies add a sh*t-ton of value to the forum. And some make more money in just a week than I have this year. :anyway: Once I was talking to a newbie and thought I knew more than him and could help him, but he...
  2. Freedom$

    Making Money Online.

    If you’ve been on the internet for more than a few hours, you’ve likely seen at least one advertisement teaching you how to make thousands of dollars a minute, working from your underwear, in the comfort of your own home. These ads are so ridiculously popular that if you’re like most people, you...
  3. enhanted

    New here, what's up?

    Hi guys, Newbie here on BHW. I'm an SEO for 6 years and started to get curious about auto-generating content. That's how I landed on BHW. After reading several threads I am under the impression there are very professional people over here. I hope to learn and contribute to this community...
  4. 1

    [JUST 4 NEWBIES] 4 KEY TIPS to remember in your online journey

    Hi. This post is for you if you are just starting your im journey or you're losing hope on this "online dream". There are not going to be methods here, it's even better, you're going to learn how to use potentially ANY method and maybe even create your own. I'm 22 and in basically 5 months...
  5. CFE Social Chris

    Creatively selling yourself (and services) = $$$$$ // Some things I did wrong so you wouldn't have to. Pt 1

    (opinions are my own) Pt. 1 When I started my journey in this wild world of black hat I didn't realize all I was doing wrong.... but fear not! I am here to tell you allllll about (some) my failures so you newbies don't have to repeat them! I began by doing Instagram automation because an old...
  6. Syrum

    New Blood!!

    Hey BHW Community! I'm mind blown by the info you share! Thank you!!
  7. michellemoris

    Glad to stay here

    Hi all BHW forum friends I'm new here. Accept me to contribute some here.
  8. P

    I am new here!

    Hi I am new here. As now a days, resting at home due to lockdown, so found this forum on google. This is nice place to share experience, knowledge as well as learnt something from other experiences. As I told you, resting at home, so I thought offer Free Giveaways - 1K Email sending with 90%...
  9. T

    Create a pornhub model "union" to increase traffic

    I was thinking about creating a new subreddit (or use an existing one), so all the newbie models could get some extra trafic. Please give me your feedback and share your ideas.
  10. mr.zet

    How to monetize a site?

    Hi guys! I apologize in advance for my English) I got an idea to create a website, a blog about marketing. To a greater extent for myself, to motivate myself to study more and so on. But I wonder if I can monetize it in the future. And the question is: how to monetize a marketing blog...
  11. N

    Hey guys

    Hi guys, My name is Nayan and i'm new here. Looking forward to thrive in this community
  12. MaddMushroom

    Where the hell do I start?

    Hello Hatters! To those in the US, I hope you had a good holiday! I'm new to the site, and I have a few things on my mind. So I've started perusing the forums like any newbie should, coming across SEO and IM tutorials on how to set up sites, get traffic, get better search results etc. My...
  13. MaddMushroom

    Greetings, What guides should I read?

    Hello everyone, new member here. Curious about IM and would like to read some certified guides if possible. Did some looking around the forum but forums are always an enigma to pick through what is accurate and what isn't. If anyone/everyone wouldn't mind linking a thread that are basic guides...
  14. traffic_freak

    Hey guys and gals

    Whats up everyone. I just wanna introduce myself. I must confess that It's so wonderful to be a part of this great community, eventhough I've been a lurker for quite a long time. I guess now is the time for me to shake off procastination and become an active participant here. Just like everyone...
  15. LuckyGirl9334

    Save Yourself a Shit Ton of Heartache

    Hi guys and gals! Just a quick note to help everyone out and save a ton of heartache and infractions. Check your inbox first thing when you sign up for the Newbie Guide Message. You all get it automatically, so read it. I know it's a horrible pain in the ass to read the guide, just like it...
  16. A

    Underground Secret : How to get your first $$ by choosing a correct niche

    Some of the internet marketer don't know where to start and try to read a bunch of e-books. with so many information that you have read cause you don't focus in one thing that really need in order to get your first income online. So what is the ONE thing that you need in order to get the first...
  17. FeltonT

    Just a quick note to say hello to everyone.

    Hi, guys and gals, it's me Felton T. I am the original newbies' advocate. My deep desire is to be a blessing and truly add value to the participants of this forum. I love internet and affiliate marketing. So, if I can be of any assistance please feel free to reach out to me. I promise you that...
  18. Pscientist

    I'm such a confused newbie. Am I the only one?

    What's up guys I'm brand new to affiliate marketing. I understand a few things, but also feel very confused am I the only one? And did anyone start running campaigns yet if so how are they going?
  19. J

    Hey - Newbie To The Forum

    Hey, John here and I'm an internet marketer and online blogger from the U.K. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and hope I can connect with like-minded people. :) If anyone wants to go check out my blog send me a message!
  20. I

    Are there any groups you would recommend for Newbies?

    Any groups you would recommend to a Newbie? Are groups helpful on BHW, and if they are, which groups are most helpful? Is there any Instagram or Botting groups I should know about? Best money - making groups (for social networking)?
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