One IP, same cookies but multiple users (at different times)

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    Firstly, I?m not overly technical, so excuse any ignorance, especially in the way I describe my problem and potential solution....

    We have had trouble with a social network that doesn't want us to login using one username but have multiple people (IP?s/Cookies) also using that same username/profile. We have Community Managers in London, but have offshore support who do the heavy lifting under that Community Managers username/profile. This network has pick this up and banned us.....

    I?m looking for an easy to implement solution, that would allow all parties to login to one IP (one at a time), keep the same cookies from the previous login.

    I would ideally like a hosted solution in London (so we show London IP?s) and not have the IP's too closely pooled.

    I have looked at virtual desktops which could offer this, but I?m thinking there must be a cheaper solution??

    Any help or suggestion would be massively appreciated!!!

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    Cookies and Sessions are tied to the browser or program being used.

    I am assuming your users are using a web browser, in this case you have 2 possible solutions, and neither are straightforward.

    1. Share the cookies between users. For example User_A has just finished using the social network. He will save the cookies and load it in a shared online folder.(your webhost or online sharing service)

    Then before anyone else starts using the website, they will download the cookies and add it to their browser. Then upload it again once they finished using it.

    There are a few technical thing to iron out in this scenario, and that will depend entirely on your setup, but it's feasible and cheap.

    There is no running expenses, but discipline is required to make sure all use save cookies after use and load them before starting anything.

    2. Use a remote desktop solution or a hosted virtual server. All users will have access to the server and do whatever they have to do. Will cost $20-$30 a month for a decent setup.