1. edsonjose

    BOT TIKTOK - posts profile picture

    I'm looking for a bot that posts profile picture, put bio and post videos for my tiktok accounts. I have user and password of accounts and cookie. Remembering that I already have a creator working.
  2. S

    Instagram sessionid

    Hello, can someome help me to showing sessionid using javascript in console? I was try with document.cookie but it not showing the sessionid I hope you understad, sorry if my english is bad Thanks
  3. K

    I Need a Cookie Robot similar to MultiLogin's Cookie Robot

    I've been looking everywhere for a free version of this but can't seem to find it. If anyone has any tips or links to a free software that already does this then I'd be grateful. But if there is no free software that can do this, then I'm looking to hire someone to build this for me. From the...
  4. jaxe23

    Does buying & logging in account using Cookies on Facebook still possible?

    As the title suggests. As far as i know, i've tested that to log in to Facebook using cookies, you need xs and c_user cookies. I've tested that xs cookie refreshes every 30-40 minutes when Facebook is closed. Is it possible?
  5. A

    Understanding how browser cookies work in the context of cashback websites - looking for an expert

    I've been researching how cookies work in web browsers and in the context of cashback portal sites, for a personal project. I think I have a basic but superficial understanding and wondering if anyone with developer-specific knowledge in this area can help me out? I know that both cashback...
  6. rylez

    Adsense cookie consent(?)

    Hi! I'm from Germany. I want to start a (English) niche site and monetize with Adsense. Due to the GPDR I need the cookie consent from the user to show Adsense ads. If the user rejects cookies, I can't display ads right? How did you deal with this? Show backup ads (static banners)? Thank you :)
  7. L

    Sexcam Affiliate - Where we discuss if affiliate tracking is working properly

    Hi all, There were some developments last year 2019 and going forward regarding cookies. The main take away is: 1) Affiliate Networks/Vendors must use first-party cookies, even better cookieless tracking 2) Samesite cookie attributes need to be set correctly. All browsers except Chrome block...
  8. Ankith K Shetty

    Do affiliate links work in private browsing?

    If we are promoting affiliate links of a affiliate network and if the customer is using incognito or private browsing mode while doing the purchase, will it be tracked as a sale from us? Over and Out. Thanks. And
  9. G

    Google Block 3rd party cookie tracking

    Hi All, I just read a few articles on google regarding Google will block 3rd party cookie tracking in 2 years' time. I have a concern whether there is any impact on Google ads or DBM retargeting campaigns by using the Floodlight pixels since Google will block 3rd party cookie tracking. Read...
  10. Wak10T10


    Hi there, I know there is a lot of commentary on this problem but can we just make one that is really interesting and that we can give all our knowledge to be able to thwart Facebook's algorithm for multiple account creation Facebook without having to have an identity verification with a request...
  11. ChrisMonkey

    Instagram Cookie - How to use it during account creation

    I searched the forum and couldn't find much info on this... what is the Instagram cookie, and how do we use it? I'm assuming it's the cookie Instagram sent when an account was created and I should be able to find it in the browser? I know Jarvee has the ability to import a cookie, so then I...
  12. rusemag99

    Mobile App Cookie

    Anyone know a way to attach a cookie to autofill referral code or other way to have the app, after installed, to have a ref code in the form when they create account? Thanks!
  13. aznh82

    Translate cookie format?

    Hi everybody. I have some other FB format cookies, but my software only uses JSON cookie format. I want to know which websites convert cookies or software, applications to do this? Thank so much.
  14. 7ZEUS7

    Pls Answer My Stupid Question

    It may sound stupid but here more people have asked more dumber questions So., Lets say i send a person through my affiliate link lets say here to chaturbate and he/she/other sign up with his mobile And it was recurring commission But then he changes his device (lets say laptop or other...
  15. T

    [HELP] How to by pass hidden cookie ?

    I just noticed that website like tagged remember me even if I clear my cookies, even if I change my IP, my browser. It result in getting ghosted, I can still create new account but nobody answer my message (eventough I got a really decent girl and spammed 1500 people). I am using g-mail address...
  16. G

    Can anyone help me with "Atdmt cookie" to generate traffic?

    Hello everyone, For years i have been reading post that there is a cookie(atdmt) which can not be stopped by browsers and comes as default with windows explorer. Well this sounds good, as it is catering a huge volume. Now i have been updated that this cookie is now bought by facebook, the evil...
  17. D

    cookies... i hate cookies...

    so... hello... here i m now too... I'm kinda stupid to ask this, maybe I'm just a stupid pussy ... but I've really problems this crappy cookie to import into FF... A couple of years ago I was not so stupid. I have overlooked something, I unfortunately only know not what?!? It is here a...
  18. V

    Aff with long cookie duration?

    As You can see at the top. I'm searching for affilate program with long cookie duration, like old aliexpress 30-days cookies. At this point, niche is irrelevant.. Any ideas?
  19. kylestyle

    CHALLANGE: Weird issue scraping a retailer w/ curl PHP ...

    Setup... I have been trying to scrape pricing information from retailer "lowes" hardware store but they have some kind of redirect going on that appears to attempt to set your local store zip code by the IP address you are coming from. The page does not show the price of the product until it...
  20. Y

    Finding the source of a redirect

    There's someone sending traffic to my website and I suspect that they're doing something fishy because the traffic is very low quality. I can only see their referral link which is a redirect, so that doesn't prove anything. Is there a way for me to find the websites that the redirect link is...
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