1. E

    Same IP for all my websites

    Hey guys, I have a question involving hosting, if anyone can help me: I bought Hostinger's premium plan, where I can host up to 100 websites simultaneously. From an SEO point of view, do you think it's crap that I host all these sites on the same IP, even if I'm NOT going to use them as a PBN...
  2. tazarbm

    I'm confused about hosting servers and IPs

    Hey peeps! I'm struggling understanding something, and I wondered if you could help me figure it out... More specifically, I have a hosting plan with some hosting company (which I shall not name, so please don't ask, especially since it's not relevant to my question), and when I purchased that...
  3. N

    ✅ infiniteproxy ✅ $1/proxy ✅ Ultra Fast ✅ Unlimited Bandwidth

    Price: /25 proxies $128 (128 proxies) /24 proxies $256 (256 proxies) IP location: Ashburn | Miami | London Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Cards, wire transfer A bit about us: We believe traffic should get to its destination in the most efficient way possible. That’s why, by...
  4. TheMightiestFurher

    For All Seniors Members! Real Quality IPs?

    I thought that title would get your attention. I am actually asking a pretty basic thing for you, maybe. What I need to Know is How do companies differentiate Real IPs from Proxies or fake ips ? How and where can I get a Real Quality IP in the cheapest and efficient way possible ?
  5. MaybeLinus

    Leasing IPS where?

    Hey guys! So I have been looking through the market and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for I’m looking to lease multiple /19 and buy 1tb of residential proxy data. Can’t seem to find any place that lease ips ( preferably on lines with sprint, Verizon, Comcast etc) and residential plans...
  6. tyler830

    VPS + one time fee IP's

    Hi, A friend of mine recommends to me OVH Cloud VPS's because you can have 16 IP's from different countries and every IP have a one-time fee of 2.5$. The problem is OVH has one of the worst admin panels and definitely the worst support I ever have to deal with in my life. I'm searching for an...
  7. W


    hello, how do i pull ip-s from steam profile? i just want to get a scammers IP
  8. TheDankChocolate

    Problem With Ezoic.

    I have recently shifted to Ezoic around 2-3 days ago. The earnings are increasing steadily. Already earned $11 in 6 days. I opted for their Site Accelerator (the free one). For that, it is required that you change your Nameservers to Ezoic. When I did that, am getting an error that does not...
  9. M

    Google Maps detects my location even behind anonymous proxy server, how?

    "Hello Friends I`m Using VIP72 Proxy, When I Check my IP On Check2ip It shows That I`m In Proxy Zone And When I check It Also On "Whoer" It said That I`m On Proxy Zone And All Fine .. But When I Check My Location On Google Maps ..Hell NO They Detects My Place .. What Could Be Wrong Here ? I Use...
  10. alice252293

    Where do proxies sellers purchase IPs?

    I dont want to buy proxies anymore. I want to create proxies for my own. Question in the the title.
  11. D

    want to order DCs of co-located servers

    Hey guys, I have a blocks of IPs and I want to route them to my DCs, I don't find any DCs Provider can help me on this , anyone can help me ??
  12. D

    Buying IPs from RIPE or a reseller

    Hey guys, not sure if this should go in the Hire a Freelancer section, but here goes anyways as this is not exactly a freelancer task. I'm interested in buying multiple blocks of IPs directly from RIPE or from a good reseller and be the sole controller of them, and route them to my DCs in EU...
  13. P

    Anyone knows how to setup proxies in windows?

    hi i have a few additional IPs and my OS is windows server 2012. anyone knows if it's possible to have those IPs as proxies? if so, how can i do it? thanks
  14. Alex Fletcher

    Real Residential IPs That Work With ANY Web Service - Don't Get Blocked Again | GeoSurf

    Cancellation And Refund Policy The cancellation terms are as defined in GeoSurf™ Terms of service. The service is provided as-is; There are no refunds.
  15. Z

    configuring proxy help please

    hey whats up guys. I followed a tutorial posted by a bhw member https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/never-buy-proxies-again-setup-your-own-proxy-server.872539/ but my IPs do not work at all. It says Starting 3proxy, but they don't work in checker can anyone please help?
  16. D

    Buying IPs from RIPE or ARIN or APNIC or LACNIC

    hello, Hey guys, I'm interested in buying multiple blocks of IPs directly from one of these Network Coordination Centre ( RIPE - ARIN or APNIC or LACNIC ) and be the sole controller of them, and route them to my DCs , Some experts can help me or just a reseller can buy me blocks of IPs . Thanks
  17. Couch Monkey Media

    CenTexHosting - 50% Off For Life Hybrid KVM Servers and OpenVZ VPS - From $1.94/... (Approved)

    CenTex Hosting 50% off recurring on all Hybrid KVM Servers and OpenVZ VPS Servers! Save 50% Off Recurring With Coupon Code: 47FTK1FF3G At Centex Hosting, a 100% Texas-based business, we work hard to take care of our customer's needs. Our goal is to provide an amazing hosting experience for...
  18. thekingofwholesale

    Daily Backpage Poster In Dating Section - Must Have Rotating Ip's

    I am looking for a daily backpage poster that can post in the dating section. You must have rotating ip's, preferably have ip's in the cities that I would like to post to (top 30 cities). A Verizon 3G hotspot that you can use would work best.
  19. TheWhiteDog

    Hello, do you know where can I get residential IP/proxies for surveys online?

    Hello, I'm looking for residential IPs/proxies from ISP's like AT&T, Verizon, Century Link, etc...For doing surveys in high security sities like ipoll, Prizerebel, etc... I have searched in "proxies for sale" section but I haven't found anything. Thanks in advance.
  20. WolfaWallStreet

    Buying Blocks of IPV4 addresses?

    I'm creating a bot for a social media platform, and I need hundreds/thousands of IP addresses. I've looked into private proxies, but most if not all of them charge by the month. I came across a few auction sites that sell /24 Block IPs for ~$15/each. Would this be the same thing as having a...
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