$$$ Offline Marketing: You Cold Call I Handle The Rest

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    Hello everyone.

    I am looking for anyone who wants to JV with me on a offline marketing project I am doing.

    This is how it works. You find potential prospects (I can supply some tools), and email them and cold call them. Once we book a client I handle the rest when it comes to providing the actual service.

    I will split the profits 60/40 so we both make money.

    Here are the services I want to do:

    SEO: Monthly ($350 or more depending on the niche and/or customers budget)

    Website Design: $250

    Facebook Page Creation and Design: $197
    I will be outsourcing most of the services so thats why I get more of the cut since I want us both to get a nice return of investment.

    Here is a potential of the amount of money we can make:

    • If we book 1 client for SEO for $350,I get $210 and you'll get $140.
    • If we book 2 clients for SEO for $700, I get $420 and you'll get $280.

    If anyone is interested please either leave a reply here or PM me. Thanks.

    *Note, the customers must be able to pay through Paypal*