NOOBIE FRIENDLY, My First Fake Application PPD+YT + Thoughs+Guide+What I learned

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    Engineer --= starting from 25th october 2011 will
    Hello all!

    It has been some time from my last log in , still a Newbie.
    I want to made the trip of creating Fake applications.
    I already stared , as of today I successfully created my first fake application .

    BUT I will not do anything because I am not sure what . I will write the guide that lurks in my head but is it really OK as a guide to .. guide yourself ? haha

    My background : freelancer , 6 years of programming using RAD Environments ( those like pascal , do not want to put the name here :)) ) .

    I've made a PP Fake program. Sincerely I watched YT videos and I laughed , I mean who would really believe that ?

    In the future video I will be able to :
    1. Show me logging in to PP.
    2. Starting the app.
    3. Showing how the money are coming in real time.
    4. Have the ability to select the money with the cursor giving the impression that all this is REAL.
    5. Log out for REAL from PP.
    6. Log in again for REAL and the money are still there ( no fake links , this is a REAL Log IN )


    I am thinking now :
    1. To create the video , make an archive of the application and a read me file with instructions.
    The read me file should look like this ( also this text should be in the archive information ) :
    Read me file optional name: (PASSWORD)READ ME FIRST!!.txt
    BEGIN Read me file content ( see point #5 below regarding links) :
    Paypal Money Adder 2013:

    Download Link1: [INSERT YOUR LINK HERE]
    Download Link2: [INSERT YOUR LINK HERE]
    Or Download Link3: [INSERT YOUR LINK HERE]

    **How to complete a survey:
    1. Select a survey, commonly the first one is the easiest to complete
    2. Insert your information and make it look legit, it does not need to be your real info.
    3.when you finish survey wait up to 30 sec. and BAM your download will be unlocked!!!
    4. Download the software and please do not abuse it.

    TIP: If you have only mobile surveys available, do them! They are completely free. Even if they say, that you will need to pay something. It's completely free!

    ***By completing 1 small survey you will help our Hacking team to stay alive
    and create new versions of softwares,cracks,keygens,etc...

    Easy to complete survey use fake information to complete survey.


    I hope you can do it.

    Thanks for download And Enjoy!


    2. Upload the read me file archive to a free file hosting service .

    3. Next go to an url shortner and create a short url of your link ( of course haha )

    4. Post the video + short link + additional keywords in the description of the Video -> and you are done .
    NOTE TO MYSELF: I have a DINAMIC IP , this leaved me with buying a new prepay ( about 15 dollars ) <-- MONEY INVOLVED.
    OR for at most for 5 dollars I COULD Buy, going to fiverr or fourerr or sites like that, Verified YT accounts .. hmm <-- attention only from high rating users!

    I am thinking that there are 2 ways of doing this.
    1. Upload the real executable file to a file hosting(DreamCash, FileIce, CleanFile .. ETC) that pays you a percentage of their earnings ! do research are they really paying ? .
    2. Create your own website that mimics a file sharing website ( or even , why not create a real file sharing website using scripts that are out there)
    and design the page of the application in such a way that is eye catching. + sign up in a CPA Network ! research are fake apps allowed ? !
    5.1 - no money involved and quick .
    5.2 - some money involved ( at least domain , maybe you find a free hosting that allows fake apps ) + time . ( do securedservers have free hostings? hmm )

    6. Optionally you could buy views+comments from fiverr or fourerr or sites like that...

    ===OR ===

    7. Choose NOT TO do all those that I said or , just and sell the video + application to the highest bidder .

    Waw I wrote a lot.. my 1st real topic .. pff. I am stopping here..

    Any thoughts, good or bad... , ideas, proposals maybe ? :)) please comment .

    Kind Regards,
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    Good plan but first check with your networkif they accept fake files..good l!!uck
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