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Niche (website for affiliate marketing)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by survivorghost, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. survivorghost

    survivorghost Registered Member

    Jun 20, 2017
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    Hi BHW, ;)

    after struggling here and there for some time, i decided to take action and make my website for affiliate marketing. however, i am still a newbie and there is so much that i don't know or understand yet!
    i do have this niche which is i am a kind of enthusiastic about it, so i decided to go with it, but when i started doing some research on it using keyword-planner from google Adwords, i came face to face with a discouraging fact.
    the result of keyword planner on my niche's main keywords was like this:
    1. keyword: AVR. monthly search = 10K -> 100K | Competition = High
    2. keyword: AVR. monthly search = 1K -> 10K | Competition = High


    As a newbie, what i understood was that the niche has a pretty much good audience, however, it has a fierce competition out there (people with old, great established websites and means to magnetize all the traffic)
    My question for all of you with the experience about the universe of niches, what do you think of the result above? is that niche worth fighting for or it has already been taking? do i still have a chance? knowing that i am going to start from scratch with no knowledge or whatsoever about websites, design, affiliate marketing or social media...and worst of all, i have no money to invest, which means im going with organic traffic. should i let it go?
    i hope you would give me a truthful advice, imagine my situation and tell me what you would if you were in my place. your help is greatly appreciated.

    THANKS in advance. :D
  2. gary2

    gary2 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 20, 2013
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    Inbound Marketer. Blogger. Author.
    Near River
    Hey @survivorghost ,

    The first thing you have to understand that the keyword planner competition is not a competition of SEO it is mentioned for the Adwords. So you have to analyze the real SEO competition from other keyword researching tools. As per my opinion, SEMRUSH will give good results ( not perfect ).

    There next thing you should not get discouraged by yourself while taking the next step. No one can give the exact results in the beginning stage. So there is nothing wrong in trying out yourself. Instead of putting the whole effort into one niche, you can choose any two niches which totally irrelevant one on other.

    When you have no money to invest in SEO means, Little harder to get success in affiliate marketing by choosing high competition. Choose the best keyword which you can rank well on SERP with the low budget.

    At some point, everyone started from scratch. Plan proper strategies, learn more before starting and get proper guidances.
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  3. patriotnews

    patriotnews Supreme Member

    Oct 25, 2015
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    under there
    Start the site, do free backlink building to start, target long-tails, target subtopics of the niche, then work HARD on social following: find where your audience is and work it, build a following, get visitors that way, reinvest from those visitors into bigger and better SEO.
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