Jun 24, 2014
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As of this moment, I only use scrapebox and fptraffic (for automated FB posting). I only do SEO for two sites (three actual urls, because of Volusion, I link an Amazon affliliate site with another url). In other words, I am not a heaby duty user that is selling his services, but I do want to grind and get my sites at the top of the Google/Bing mountain.

I ran into a windfall this week and I have some extra money to spend on SEO. I was think that software may be where I will get more bang for my buck.

My question to the forum. What is the next piece of "must have" software that will help get me to the top of my searches.

Thanks in advance,

The only thing that will get you to the top of the searches is the knowledge of SEO. If you know nothing about SEO, there is no software out there that will help you at all.
Hello TrevorB, I thought that it was implied in the post that I am willing to put in my time to in every aspect of this effort. You can know me from one post. And I am fully aware that when most people put that type of post put up they are looking for a quick fix. If you have truly studied SEO for more than a hours you know that it is just learn and work (rinse and repeat..because either the hair or the shampoo are going to change). Also as I high school math teacher, kids ask me what the best calculator is as if a calculator will substitute the work required to learn math. None the less I do tell the alg. 1 students to get a four-function calculator and I tell my calculus students to pick up a TI Nspire. Same principal here.

With respect to learning I started reading the stuff that Google put out, same with Moz and a few other place. I have been scouring the forums and trying to apply what I have learned. If you have any more suggestions I am all ears, I would love additional resources. I compare my initial post like building a house, I may know how to build a house but with a hammer, saw, etc it's very hard to build a house regardless of how much you know. I was asking for hammer and saws.

None the less, thanks for the input, I totally get where you are coming from.

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