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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mickeylove, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    I am using the free wix flash site builder to create a site.

    My domain is hosted free, and the index.html page is essentially just ads around the edge of the page, and an iframe to show the actual site in the middle. I have wrapped the wix so as to cover the 'this is a free site' ads.

    Having read around I am concerned that google cannot 'see' all the content I have on the wix flash site.

    I have typed the site name into google (threekeywordstogether) and I'm 4th.
    However, google indexes my wix page, and the url for that. The information is old (since changed) - is it possible that google just needs to refresh, or does it see the two sites 'wixurl' and 'domainurl' as separate entities, effectively competing for ranking for my keywords?

    Is there a way I can still run an effective seo site to run affiliate deals with this setup?

    I am thinking of trying to write a blog in html5, show it under the iframe, directly hosting on my domain's index.html. The blog would be a nice mix of keywords and real, handwritten content, is this a good idea?

    I am aiming to run a site totally for free (minus 5$ domain name)

    Does this seem a viable option, and will I be able to get a decent ranking in google, if I really try with things like backlinks, and social media marketing and so on.

    I would post the url for the site, but I'm not sure if that's ok. If anyone would like to have a look, and give some feedback/advice, that would be great.

    I apologise if I am not being clear, or not explaining well, I am new to this.

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    In my world
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    Sounds like a good plane.
    I Tried a plan like

    Bookmark each Page
    Ping that and run it through a indexer

    Got 10 articles Blasted it with s3nuke
    Pinged and Ran indexer
    Grabed all Rss feeds blasted all those out pinged and indexer

    I got pretty good traffic with that

    Whats your site send it in a pm if you like
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    Jul 26, 2011
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    Thank you for your kind reply.

    I have to admit I don't quite know what all that means, but there's more than enough there to work it out, so thanks for all the tips.

    I think one issue is that I only have one page, index.html, and maybe 6-7 from the wix, but these are all wix/#!/urlidontwant.

    Could I pretend to have pages by changing my wix pages, as in wixpage2 points to myurl/page2 which in turn reloads the whole site and the iframe is changed to be wixpage2, rather thanwixindex

    Does that make sense?

    Do you think my flash site being iframed into my domain is hurting my seo?

    If I have a hybrid flash via iframe and html5 blog site, will the content generated by the blog (which I will then tweet/like etc) be as good as anything as regards google ranking, assuming my headers and tags are all present and correct in my index.html?

    I have read google likes to see lots of fresh content, and if I put all my fresh content into the wix page, can google even see the content and/or realise its from mydomain rather than mywix?

    I would PM the url, but I am unable to until I have more posts, is it ok in principle to post personal project urls here? - I wouldn't want to fall foul of the mods or have anyone think I am trying to spam my site.