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Newbie $$ from Google Privacy Issues

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Mrnewbie, May 20, 2010.

  1. Mrnewbie

    Mrnewbie Power Member Premium Member

    Mar 8, 2009
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    Some privacy money to be made! This headline caught my eye ?Google is facing a series of international investigations over private information it obtained over families' use of the internet.?
    This is for the newbie/noobs or just people beginning that need a start in what could be some fast cash.
    It?s all over the news about how google has tapped into the wifi connections and may have used the information or not. [​IMG]
    So, it had me thinking, let?s prey on peoples fears a bit. I am giving you the clay so you can mold this in anyway you feel is necessary and put as much or as little effort as possible. I know 69,000,000 people have been concerned enough to do a google search for an answer and its time you gave it to them and of course profit from it . Sorry my grammar stinks but the information gets better.

    1.) I used a domain that I know I am not going to use for the long run but that will get me enough creditability so I can convince visitors that I intend to make there computer safe.
    Here are some suggestions:
    googlesp.com English
    googleappengineexperts.com English
    googlestartupkit.com English
    googleprivacyissues.com English
    google-privacy-issues.com English
    googleprivatenessissues.com English
    googleseclusionissues.com English
    googleconcealmentissues.com English
    googlesecrecyissues.com English
    googleisolationissues.com English
    googlereclusivenessissues.com English
    googleconcealissues.com English
    googlehideissues.com English
    googlebosomissues.com English
    googleconfidentialityissues.com English
    googlesolitarinessissues.com English
    googleseparationissues.com English
    googleinsulateissues.com English
    googleisolateissues.com English
    googlepurdahissues.com English
    googlesolitudeissues.com English
    googlelonelinessissues.com English
    googlequarantineissues.com English
    googledetachmentissues.com English
    googleinsularismissues.com English
    googleinsularityissues.com English
    googleinsulationissues.com English
    googleestrangementissues.com English
    googleanomieissues.com English
    googleanomyissues.com English
    googleconcealingissues.com English
    googlehidingissues.com English
    googleshowissues.com English
    googleveilissues.com English
    googlesecreteissues.com English
    googleblockissues.com English
    googleobstructissues.com English
    googlecoverissues.com English
    googleburyissues.com English
    googlecoverupissues.com English
    googleharborissues.com English
    googleharbourissues.com English
    googleshieldissues.com English
    googlebecloudissues.com English
    googlebefogissues.com English
    googlecloudissues.com English
    googlefogissues.com English
    googlehazeoverissues.com English
    googlemistissues.com English
    googleobnubilateissues.com English

    2.) Now, what offer and how to monetize this blog or landing page. Hmm, we are running with the notion that google is using our information so in a sense it?s like they are spying on us. Perfect!!! Lets run with that and go with spyware removal or we can claim that our blog is 100% against using google ads so we use chitika or a whole bunch of different ones. The sky is the limit, as you can check offervault for some great cpa offers

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    (I tried to put imagines in but I can't so if this is not allowed as showing networks and such then I will delete it or edit it. I just wanted to show people what is out there that is all)

    I don?t mind telling you that I use spy cell phone, now how the hell does that have anything to do with google? Well, do they have gmail? I know my account had to be activated using a pin found on my cell phone so run with it. Of course there are many more offers and ways you can monetize off of so feel free to do a google search, lol but seriously think about how much time you want to put into this project as time is money.

    3.) We need a theme and some content, well the theme has to look like it?s a safe and of course we are not going to spend money on those certifications or expensive themes so that?s where the download section comes into play. Just a side note* if your thinking about doing a lander or a squeeze page there was a great share in the downloads section
    so that would be most appropriate route but if your just looking to slap together an easy wp theme most will do. I also searched for those sites that have some type of graphics that state the download is safe and it?s so easy to find by searching around yahoo or of course google. Now, we have them thinking we are protecting there computer with our theme and graphics, now we need some content and to stir up some noise.
    The content I displayed was made up partially of fact and fibs. I stated some of what I found by quoting the websites covering the material but we don?t want to copy everything word from word so lets get to our fib!!! ?I just received an email from google telling me that they think our activities are hurting the name and face of the company.? Now this is a lie of course but it makes the people viewing the page and the people filling out the offers feel connected to you the blogger or the page with the fancy graphics with certifications. It?s like being on a site that is making a difference.

    4.) Traffic,Traffic, and of course Traffic! Big question, I don?t have scrapebox or ********** or this software so how am I going to bring people in? First, start of with good SEO, plenty of ebooks on it and good downloads on it
    and second something sneaky and probably everyone does this so no big secret but set up a google alert(yes, very ironic lol) and set it for google privacy issues. You will be updated everyday and you will notice that they will be highly ranked blogs you can comment on. Use common sense when commenting and talk about how this issue is important and how people should protect themselves and you will be excepted as I have not had a problem with that. Believe me if I can comment and have it stick the whole world can lol.

    5.) FINALLY, damn this thing was too long and what garbage, and all of the thoughts some might have about it. I want to just state this. The method is not going to make you tons but can be built upon in different niches and when they say think outside the box and I like the term mold the clay just use all of it or part of it, its totally up to you.

    I would like to say sorry to bhw for dumb comments I made. I take full responsibility for it. My actions are not to be excused and I understand that fully. All I am asking is for another chance and I thought by contributing instead of being a problem that would be the best solution. My grammar may stink and I might go on too much but I bleed bhw everyday and to be associated with such good people it is a true honor in my opinion. Hope this method works for you, and any questions feel free to ask them and I will answer them asap. Best wishes to all!!!

    Mrnewbie growing up
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  2. Newbie.

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    Dec 12, 2009
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    Nice idea, I like it. Good way to think outside the box on current events. Rep++
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