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Discussion in 'CPA' started by Masterptc, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I found a great offer that has potential to make money ,
    is it recomended for me to mask the referral ?
    Also should i have my own website with landing page to promote 1 offer?
    If so how do landing pages work?
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    Oct 23, 2011
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    Its best practice to mask or blank your referral. You want to keep your traffic sources private. As long as you are sending traffic that converts for the advertiser, you should have no problems.

    Depending on the offer, you can directly link to it, or have your own landing page. A landing page is normally a single page website that pre-sells and links to the offer.

    Hope this helps
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    Depending on the offer, you may not be allowed to direct link to it without an LP, so make sure to check the offer restrictions at your affiliate network. Before working too hard to promote that "1 offer" it's important to do some research on the niche (Offervault.c0m) and see if there's more offers to promote in that niche if needed.

    Offers come and go in this game, advertisers pull offers, and offers expire, so I personally always build my campaigns around a niche with multiple offers, rather than just a single offer.

    Just something to think about..
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    1) Having your own website is a great source of residual income with adsense/e-mail opt-ins. Targeted landing pages lead to more conversions, so creating specific landing pages is great practice!

    2) There are a lot of tutorials on how to set up a converting landing page on the forums...just do a quick search!

    3) Masking the referral is recommended...especially if you're doing BH stuff. Most networks won't mind as long as the leads are converting, but you should definitely ask your Aff manager if there are any doubts. Just tell them you care about privacy, etc. etc.