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Mar 10, 2008
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BHW is a great forum for newb.. like me. I know that masters of BHW can help me. I am running adsense on my site. And getting about 70 k to 80 k traffic a month. But I wanna try clickbank. My question is can i use both on same page on my site? anyone got banned for that? which tools is the best for newb.. like me? I searched through search engines but got no answer.
You won't get banned from anywhere. The T&C of Adsense allows you to do pretty much anything with your site, other than the obvious no-nos (incentivizing people to click on your ads etc.) and illegal/porn content.

A whole different story is whether you want to do it. Many will tell you that you should go with one monetization method, i.e. experiment with both (only) Adsense and (only) Clickbank, see which one brings you in more and go with this one. Otherwise you will lose valuable Clickbank clicks to adsense or vice versa depending on which one works best on your site.
80k and you want to try clickbank? there must be something wrong here. the most common is you get traffic that produce 0.01/click. am i right?

you should provide more details about your site.
Thanks for the advice.. I make $200 + from my site. My traffic produce 0.03/click .. it sucks. I am trying to blend high paying keyword on my contents. Thats the reason why .. i am looking for another way to earn..
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