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    We have been in the mtg/debt lead game for many years (since 98) and used to mail in-house. I personally mailed for 3-4 yrs from 97 to around 2000 or so. I know super old school. I started w/ a program called Flood Gate and an email client called Pegasus ...until the Stealth Mailer came along. Man those were the days. Anyway, we've been buying leads wholesale for what seems like forever from mailers and selling them retail. We are now going to bring the mailing back in-house using our email dbase (fairly clean) of many millions of addresses using Robo mail and I'm in the initial stages of setting everything up. I see there is no longer a forum on here for email marketing and the old one I used to use years ago called BulkBarn is now a Canandian grocery store. Can anyone reach out to me and point me in the direction of a forum to bounce and receive ideas and advice? I don't even know if I can receive private msgs yet on here given my newbie status, and I when I tried to include my email address in another post in BHW the other day, I realized this is not allowed either. So, I suppose at least for now I'll need to just keep checking back here for any follow up posts. Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to reach out. Keep in mind, I am receptive to meeting those who can provide some of the services I will need to mail successfully and safely, so there is benefit to those who can help out.