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Need some ideas

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Enjuto, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Enjuto

    Enjuto Newbie

    Sep 29, 2012
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    Hi guys,
    I am new in the forum and this is gonna be the second post here, but I would like to ask you about some ideas about this:
    Around 4 or 5 months ago a friend and I thought that domains similar to 9gag could be nice (9gag is on 287 in alexa), then we bought 69gag dottcom thinking that we could do a web clon of 9gag but with a light sexy and funny pictures, well we find a really good script clon of 9gag and we did it.
    We start to upload photos and making facebook fanpage and those stuff, and in less than a week we had our first peak of 2000 visitors, then people start registering and interactuating a little bit with the web, since that have passed several months and we had around 4 or 5 more peak of 2000 visitors/day but nothing else, the web has stabilized in 1k visitors/day and now we have 17712 registered members.
    At this point I'm a little stuck, I dont know how to bust the web. Have anybody any ideas can give me inspiration?? What do you think about the web/proyect, worth working for it??
    In the past I thought that could be easy stay in the first pages on google for "9gag" (with 69gag domain) search and attract the remains of that searches, but I cant reach that positions on google.

    What do you think???
    Thanks for reading this long post, sorry but I wanted to share all my thoughts