1. M

    Change Meta Data infinity from a picture

    Hi, looking for a website or a bot to chnage meta data from one image. Like the location.. if you know a website who do that let me know ;)
  2. antiqueweb

    How to Make an Image Original for SEO eCommerce Websites?

    Hello, I do not have an original product image but I want to manipulate to make it original, is there any way? Some options come into my mind: 1. Convert into black & White or Grayscale 2. Take screenshot and convert into an image More thoughts are welcome.
  3. M


  4. hideath

    Original Pictures matter for SEO?

    Does having copied original pictures have any kind of impact in SEO? If yes, is there any tricks to use some copied pictures and still get it to work? Thanks in advance!
  5. YugiMutou

    Looking for old office thread/journeyfrom years ago

    I haven't been on hear for a while but never forgot this place...I remember looking at the pictures and information on this guy first office for Seoul or I'm can't remember motivated me then and as I hop back on the Seo horse i was looking for that thread cause I need every bit I can get
  6. Didou

    Pictures copyright

    Hello BHW Members I'm a bit struggling to find pictures of products that I want review in my blog, The question is: do I have the authorization to download a picture of the latest product from a big brand website "apple for example" and use it in my blog, or not? :)
  7. T

    Motivational Pictures of your IM Journey

    So for the this thread I would like it to be motivational pictures of your home office, of your vacations that you have taken, and what kind of routine you went through to get to the point you're at today. The only reason I want motivation is because i'm having a difficult time finding it.
  8. Shinichi Izumi

    Picture Pack of Same person!

    Hello BHWers I am trying to find a bunch of pictures of the same person to use on an instagram account, tried to look on free stock but most of theme are with credits to photgrapher i need a free of credits ones
  9. J

    How To Clean One Of The Most Important Things To A Page, The Content!!

    Okay so to start off, I am not saying that doing this one step in account creation will allow you to create accounts. And of course, I don't feel comfortable with my method of creating accounts (no I don't use that Android phone method) but what I can say is that I AM able to make high quality...
  10. P

    Hashtags for my Picture

    is there any tools which suggests relevant hashtags for my picture?! ***********It should be free***************:D
  11. Up^rising

    Need help on how to find instagram content

    Hi guys. My friend and I want to try growing few instagram profiles. We will think about monetization later, but for now we just wanna get that traffic flying! My questions are: Where can I find pictures or content on general to post on these profiles? Can I reuse other peoples pics? How do I...
  12. K

    Laptop images from Amazon. Can i use?

    Hello guys. I want to build a blog with recommended laptops. But i need pictures of this laptops. Can i use pictures from Amazon? I mean is it legal? I want to put there reflinks to Amazon and other shops.
  13. Xquisite

    Why does BHW members use non pictures of themselves in their profiles

    Hey guys just wondering why most BHW members don't use their real picture on their profile.
  14. P

    Huge Dump of Viral Pics/Videos?

    Hello Guys I was wondering if I can find a big dump of funny videos or pictures. I'm tired of saving each individual picture or video. It's just too much work. I'm sure there must be a huge dump of funny content somewhere on the net. Can someone link me to it? Any help would be appreciated...
  15. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Where to get real profile pictures?

    I'm looking for bulk profile pictures which I can use to create social media accounts. Requirements for the pictures: - Woman only - Faces must be clearly visible - Real persons (no fake/unrealistic) - Never used on social media before - At least 3 different pictures for each person What not...
  16. MehdiBmm

    What is the best way to sell photos?

    Hey, I know everybody knows about selling photos and pictures rights online through platforms like Shutterstock, Pixabay etc... I was thinking about doing it but does anybody know how to get sales? Those platforms are so competitive and I would be surprised if someone started getting sales in...
  17. aslanjan

    Is it true that I should post on Instagram early in the morning and/or late in the evening?

    I have heard, that posting on Instagram should take place within those hours, because people usually watch their threads when they are out of work (or studies). I post too much, and I haven't noticed a difference, to be honest. Do you think it works?
  18. healzer

    Create Amazing Pictures for your Social Media, Website, ... [FREE]

    Hi all :) A couple of weeks ago I developed a tool to generate unique images. You can use these to post on your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The images are royalty free, so you can use them for private + commercial purposes. So instead of stealing images from other people...
  19. Wleaderz

    Viral Instagram content - DISCUSSION

    Hey guys, I was wondering where you get your good quality Instagram pictures from. Obviousely, this is essential to go viral with a post. Don't hesitate to react as everyone can learn from it!
  20. D

    What imagehosts pay more? actually?

    Im thinking for upload pics to forums and post on imagehosts to make some money what are the imagehosts now that worth it?
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