1. SexualDivas

    Hello Worl

    Sexual Diva is from Missouri and I have plans to make this my career.
  2. Poppybunny

    Any tips how can I earn views on Pornhub? :)

    I know it's a common question. But I really would like to get some more views. I know I'm not perfect, don't want millions, but I think my videos are good enough to get more than a few hundred. Tho I'm not good in promoting myself with online marketing. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome! :)...
  3. minorityre

    [LF ADVICE] I have a NSFW girl and anime image site with 60~ organic users a day

    Analytics I have this site for about 2 years now. Its an auto site, I take pictures and gifs from nsfw subreddits with a rss plugin and literally put it on the site. I guess people come here for the pre fap, to oil motors. I get from 60 to 100 users a day, about 40...
  4. EhaBlur

    Im new here

    Hi I'm Eha Blur and (4 Blue) and I need help getting started in here. Any suggestions? I'm trying to do youtube views social media accounts likes views please help me get started. ❤️❤️
  5. See Gre

    What matters more for boys nice nature or vital stats of a girl

    If you want to spend your life with a girl. What matters for you the most(if you have to choose between two)? nice nature of the girl taking care of you and your family. Or she must be beautiful and sexy so that attraction between both of you remains.
  6. Luca Jones

    ★★ SEXY ADVERTISING ★★ - Your Custom Message On Models | Ads On Booty & Boobs | Custom Signs ❌❌❌

    Hello BHW - Today we introduce you to! We are offering our new sexy advertising services. You can order any custom messages, your domains, links or any other you like on our female model's breasts or booty (or a model holding you a sign!). You can advertise your PORN or any other...
  7. B

    Hey guys. Give me ideas?

    Hello! I have access to a huge collection of babes videos. They are 30s-3m. They are not completely nude but they are kind of risque, sexy, Outfit of the day, night out, type videos. How would be the best way to monetise these videos? Instagram uploading? pornhub uploading? Any help would be...
  8. minorityre

    Putting the word "sexy" in my first instagram post shadow banned me

    I create new insta, new email, put a link to my shop, a good profile picture. I POST A PICTURE OF ONE OF MY PRODUCTS (a damn niche hat) with the phrase "feel cute & sexy!" and many other words and hashtags. 2 sec later the "put your mobile form" appears. I put it and my picture is uploaded...
  9. hswklkev

    adsense will ban bikini contents?

    anyone lost adsense account coz promoting sexy contents? Please share your EXP with me :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  10. rccnls27

    How can I monetize sexy girls niche in IG?

    What are ways to monetize sexy girls in IG?
  11. S

    Adult website link exchange

    Hi, BlackHat users! Well, I'm a newbie one, but I have some private girl pic website with PR3 - Maybe someone is interested in link exchange? P.S. The website address is my username, if you want to check it first.
  12. IamNRE

    Hey Guys! - What do you about this? NSFW

    This was our attempt at making a viral video. Let us know what you think :) Please like and share if you don't mind!!! Our name on FB is Money Site Content <3
  13. Enjuto

    Need some ideas

    Hi guys, I am new in the forum and this is gonna be the second post here, but I would like to ask you about some ideas about this: Around 4 or 5 months ago a friend and I thought that domains similar to 9gag could be nice (9gag is on 287 in alexa), then we bought 69gag dottcom thinking that we...
  14. S

    Sweet and Sexy Kate intro I <3 It

    Hello I am kate , I hope you will welcome me here. This forum looks awesome. I would appreciate everyone who will help me here in the near future. Thank you!
  15. G

    Sexiest Woman in the World Winner Cheryl Cole

    Sexiest Woman in the World Winner Cheryl Cole are you agree with me?? See the latest pics and decide :o
  16. OgSneakyPimp

    where are the real hot-sexy-lady websites at??

    ok sorry if the thread was misleading "in your little dirty perverted mind haha :-) " but i am buidling some niche blogs that are in extreme need of pictures of women. but they have to be hot women. And not stock photos.. I remember 1 year ago i found a site (on bhw i believe) that really hot...
  17. juanpopo

    A little help... any ideas

    Well I was thinking about making some money with the Emo niche stuff on Vampirefreaks, and Facebook, but I'm not really sure how to make this. I was thinking about myalternativegf Affiliate program or something... Any Ideas? :confused:
  18. blackma

    Does Anybody Else think that this is what all IM Guru types should look like?

    I think I'm in love... :beat4: :boobies::boobies::boobies:
  19. blackma

    What The Hell Has This Got To Do With Blackhat Internet Marketing!!!??

    Jack shit, that's what. Well some body on this forum must be planning a weight loss plan for the New Year! Enjoy! :D
  20. X

    Follow me as I fund my college education

    I see a lot of these journal threads, and most of the people who initiate them fail to update. I've decided to make my own journal in an effort to keep myself motivated and working toward my ultimate goal, which is to fund my college education. Hopefully a few of you guys will be interested in...
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