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    Nov 10, 2008
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    Hello everyone, i have been on the forum for some time but i most of the time i read posts and try techniques :D

    I have been running an arcade website for more then 2 years now with PR4 front page and around 100 unique visitors per day but for every 200 impressions of the adsense banners one or 2 people would click and i make $0.30 which is nothing :(
    I would love to know if you have a magic trick to get more traffic :)

    I have been building links on blogs, forums, twitter, myspace, facebook and anywhere else i can but i dont get as much traffic as i thought i would.
    I have been writing articles on my website, most of my content have unique description, i have SEO urls, my website has a custom made template by me, each page has meta tags, almost every link has an alt text but after all that work still no increase in traffic.

    Most of the traffic is coming from other arcade websites since i trade traffic with them and very little is coming from google even though i have over 700 links according to google webmasters tools.

    Would the problem be with my website or am i doing something wrong ?
    I dont feel comfortable posting the website url here but you can PM me if you would like to take a look :D

    I really need some help getting more traffic :tee: