Need SEO Advice for GREAT Keyword.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by jfoster01, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Hi I found a keyword term that gets 90,500 global and 27,100 local searches in google with a 0.52 commercial intent that will only get hotter over the next few months.

    When I did a google search with quotes the exact searches are only 5,030.

    Allintitle seach results ... 3.

    I am somewhat of a noob to seo buy I do believe that this would be a good keyword to try to rank for.

    Can someone please help to direct me in getting ranked for this keyword and I also need to know exactly what is the main difference between the keyword in quotes and the allintitle with keyword in quotes and how do I use this info to help me rank using free methods like squidoo, wordpress or articles etc.

    I would appreciate any help I can get ... Thanx
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    Depends on what the keyword is. Pm it to me and I can help
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    If exact searches are only 5000 odd... you wont need many links to rank for it.
    Change your Title tag to incorporate the keyword. This alone should do it.
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    There is plenty of information available on how to rank for specific keywords. Check out the sticky threads in the SEO sections. I know the information is there and all SEO methods are virtually free, paying for stuff can just get it done faster not necessarily better or worse though.

    Keyword statistics are NOT an indication of how difficult it is to rank for that keyword. The number of competitors as well as all the other statistics you gave are irrelevant. The only competitors are those on the first page of the search results.

    You can pick up Market Samurai in the downloads section of the forum, it can help with checking out the competition on a keyword. The number of backlinks is a fair way to check out the competition for a keyword, after you have read the sticky threads and given MS a run you should know quite a bit more about how you would fair SEO wise.

    People use the number of results returned with the keyword in quotes and the allintitle operator to give them an idea of the competition. Quotes has more to do with the number of "competitors" whereas the allintitle should give you an idea about the quality of the competitors. There are other operators that help and you will read about those in the days to come.

    Just remember that your "real" competition is only the first page. You can have 100k competitors and easily rank on page one for a term and you can also have only 10 competitors that are so tough you'll never rank for them.

    If you are new to SEO the best thing to do is to go for the weaker keywords and NOT throw your money at anything. Just do it manually or with whatever you already have so you get an idea of how you fair. Also, no matter how much keyword research you do nothing is better than just giving it a shot.

    I'll try to be as polite as you can but without putting forth some effort first you will find it very difficult to get support on this forum. We literally get 100 people EVERY SINGLE DAY that are new to the forum that are reaching out for help.

    The core (not necessarily "basic") information is in the sticky threads, more methods can be found by reputable members on the forum. If you don't read first and try your best you will NOT get any respect and will more often then not get completely flamed by members, myself included.

    Best of luck.
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    number of competition is usually only
    an indicator of how strong the front page will be. There are ALWAYS exceptions to that. The thing you need to analyze the most when
    doing research is the strength of competitor. You could have found a KW with 1 billion daily searches with 10 competitors but if those 10 competitors are OMGJESUS1ZILLIONBACKLINKS pages you wont rank.
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    I also recommend using Market Samurai to find out more information about this keyword.

    You'll need to check out the competition to see how easy it is to rank for that keyword.