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need help with youtube partnerships

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by saladdine, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. saladdine

    saladdine Newbie

    Jul 15, 2015
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    hello everyone, this is my first post in BHW. i hope to get some help

    i had a youtube channel, it took me less than 2 months to start making pretty good money for a beginner, but suddenly they suspended it and disabled my adsense account after 2 days. i was really shocked after i had been excited :/

    I'm still trying to to convince them to reinstate it, i think they disabled them because i used not relevant tags in the videos, and i did not know it is against the terms of adsense.

    I am being positive and i just want to move on try again till i make it, i have heard that there is other networks i can link my channels to. I made search in google and i found a lot of names but i can't know which one is good, some of them are scam, or they don't pay good percentage.

    i would like if any of you guys has an experience with those networks, which one is best and how do they pay and all the infos that you can provide.

    thank you very much bros, i really appreciate your help.
  2. ThatGuyJoshua

    ThatGuyJoshua Newbie

    Aug 15, 2016
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    Business Owner
    I have used Broadband TV and I am currently partnered with ScaleLab. ScaleLab offers:
    Sponsorship's, thumbnail creator, 200,000+ royalty free music, Fan funding, Promotions/Shoutouts, Collaborations with other creators, Help growing your channel. They have ALWAYS payed me on time every month. I have never had a missed payment, and they are partnered with over 100k creators. They are a well known Network, websites are ranked well, Social media accounts have a huge following, and they are YouTube certified.

    Payments are 65% for you, 35% for them starting out.
    As you grow your channel and reach milestones then your percentage grows. They offer a referral system, so if you refer someone and they get approved, then you earn 10% of their earnings as well, FOR LIFE. My average CPM for my niche with them is usually $6-$8 on the best payout times of the year (Christmas, Summer, etc.)

    Great Network
    Great Payouts (Never missed a payout)
    Help Growing Channel
    Lot's of features (Thumbnail creator, Free Music, Promotion of Channel)
    High CPM earning
    YouTube certified
    Very Reputable.