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    Hi bhw fellas, I need a little help here from you guys. I'm very struggling right now. I'm very new with IM and decided to choose get my first earning online with cpa content locker and I choose Blamads as my cpa service. I'm already have a movie site and want to lock it with blamads content locker. But I will throw my landing page first with content locker in it, then when the visitor complete an offer, I will direct them to my movie site. I need help to :

    1. How can I put content locker code inside the landing page? Please check my example landing page here. I want the offers show up when the play button clicked (the big center one and in the left bottom of the fake player). I can't do it my self, so I need help very bad here :(

    2. When someone finish completing offer, how can I redirect them to my site?

    Thanks and rep+ will be given to anyone who trying to help me here. Please help me