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    Hi BHW, I'm promoting CPA offer "Chance to win iPhone 5" and recently my text ad got disapproved because of trademarked word "iPhone". So instead of text ad I'm moving to Image Ad. But according to Google's Image Ads Policy:

    [B]Trick to click (animated ads)[/B] 
    Google doesn't allow the following ad behaviours that might trick a user into clicking the ad:
    [*][I][B]Ads cannot be for the sole purpose of playing a contest or game or  to win prizes[/B]. However, ads can promote sweepstakes and contests on  their sites. [/I] 
    But above (bold text) conditions is only for animated ads but my ad is just a still image banner.

    [B]Trick to click[/B] 
    Google doesn't allow ad behaviours that might trick a user into clicking the ad:
    [I][B] Ad product or offer must be clearly identified/promoted in connection with your brand, logo or name.[/B][/I]
    What do you think about the text in bold above? I am directing the visitors to blog with CPA offers post also the name of blog is "Free Offers Vault". So I guess i fit in that category.

    So will my ad get approved ? also i'm worried about the word "iphone 5" in ad. Any suggestions will be helpful.:)

    -Thanks in Advance
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    Google adwords is tough to promote cpa offers email/zip submits will get approved and any trademark terms like NFL or MLB and even iPhone will not be allowed in most cases. I have had quite a bit of trouble with this as well and had to learn it the hard way! If you are going to promote CPA offers you need to be sure that the landing page is relevant to the advertisement. Things like "iPhone test and keep" don't get approved because they are normally misleading...Your best bet is to promote offers that are sales or have a tangible product associated with them. Good luck,