Need help finding datacenter proxies that I only pay for when using them.


Nov 10, 2019
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the title already says a lot. I need proxies that first of all match the following criteria:

-they need to be datacenter proxies
-they need to be unbanned on
-they need to be fast (<100ms) when running on a server near the location of the proxy server
-they need to be located in Europe, preferably in Germany, the Netherlands or France

There are proxies like that out there, in fact, I even own a few hundred of proxies like that, the problem is that they cost 1.8€/proxy/month. That is a lot and it eats a lot of my profit if I don't get enough shoes.
Here is what's interesting: Someone I know told me that there are providers out there (that don't necessarily make proxies for sneaker botting) that sell proxies which match all of those criteria but are quite cheap still because you only pay for them when you are using them, similarly to google cloud. He told me to 'just google for non sneaker related proxies' which I have, but honestly, I don't even know how to call proxies like that exactly, I have never heard of something like that before.

I'd be very thankful if someone could give the proxies I am looking for a name so I can find them, or even link me a provider selling the bespoken proxies.

Thanks a lot,