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  1. MarMour

    Proxies (Residential vs Datacenter) !?

    Hi, is there a way to determine if the proxy is Residential or Datacenter? a tool maybe or indication. I search on Google and YouTube and all i can find is the definition. i hope there is someone who can answer this. Thanks in Advance
  2. S

    UAE DC Proxy

    I am looking for UAE DC proxies to purchase, looked everywhere in the "Proxy for sale" section but couldn't find any. Would appreciate the help if someone can guide me.
  3. ProxyStore - Static Datacenter Proxies, Static ISP Proxies, Sticky and Rotating Residential Proxies

  4. SpivBlack

    Build your own proxy Server with easy and for free

    For the people who want to control their own proxy, this thread is for you. TLDR; You will need a Debian 9 clean install from any cloud provider also must run as root user: Step 1 wget Step 2 Get your public IP address...
  5. B

    Datacenter Proxies in Switzerland

    Hey there, I‘m trying to createsome datacenter proxies, and am relatively new to the scene so I don‘t have a big understanding about it yet. Now I‘ve read through a few articles and blogs but still would appreciate some specific advice / help. Now I‘m looking for proxies for a swiss site that...
  6. thiplol

    Affordable bulk datacenter proxies - Unlimited bandwidth with high concurrency

  7. S

    Wanting To Create A Proxy Selling Website - Datacenter and Residentials

    Hey guys, So i've been a long time bhw member, just lurking and slowly building knowledge. I've had a few minor successes, but am hoping to invest in an official business. Proxy Reselling. Now, piggybacking off this post -...
  8. J

    How to make Proxies with Squid on a VPS with a /24 Subnet (IP Range)

    Hello, there are lots of tutorials on how to make proxies with squid given additional IPs but i wanted to know if there is a way (and if pls point me to the direction) to configure a whole subnet on a VPS. I already got the /24 Subnet and the KVM I heard something about configuring the /24 mask...
  9. J

    How to create Datacenter Proxies

    Hello, i am a pretty new user to BHW but have been reading a lot before i joined about this topic. My current knowledge is that you can find VPN providers and ask them for addition IPs to turn these into proxies or rent subnets and turn these into proxies. My problem with the first thing though...
  10. M

    Need help finding datacenter proxies that I only pay for when using them.

    Hello, the title already says a lot. I need proxies that first of all match the following criteria: -they need to be datacenter proxies -they need to be unbanned on -they need to be fast (<100ms) when running on a server near the location of the proxy server -they need to be...