1. B

    Datacenter Proxies in Switzerland

    Hey there, I‘m trying to createsome datacenter proxies, and am relatively new to the scene so I don‘t have a big understanding about it yet. Now I‘ve read through a few articles and blogs but still would appreciate some specific advice / help. Now I‘m looking for proxies for a swiss site that...
  2. zayd1k

    How to create & DataCenter Proxies to resell [VS AKAMAI/DATADOME/CEQUENCE]

    Hey, I would like to know if someone could give me an insight on how to create datacenter proxies that are high quality and aren't blocked by anti bot sevices, such as akamai, datadome, and cequence. I want to create private proxies and resell them to clients in the sneaker industry. I have...
  3. M

    Need help finding datacenter proxies that I only pay for when using them.

    Hello, the title already says a lot. I need proxies that first of all match the following criteria: -they need to be datacenter proxies -they need to be unbanned on -they need to be fast (<100ms) when running on a server near the location of the proxy server -they need to be...
  4. Gwizzy

    What Proxy Are You Using With Jarvee?

    I've been using the Instagram proxies provided by HighProxies with Jarvee but I get like blocks every few days after <20 likes. I only use one account per IP as well. Should I not be using a datacenter proxy? Are residential or 4g/LTE proxies better for f/uf, liking, DMing, and posting with...
  5. K

    Proxy HELP

    Hello, Im a newb here and don't really post. I am in need of some suggestions. I currently run on for sneakers. I am looking for a new proxy provider since the past couple have not worked. I usually use about 2000-3000 proxies a release. I am wondering what GB providers you guys...
  6. D

    Buying IPs from RIPE or a reseller

    Hey guys, not sure if this should go in the Hire a Freelancer section, but here goes anyways as this is not exactly a freelancer task. I'm interested in buying multiple blocks of IPs directly from RIPE or from a good reseller and be the sole controller of them, and route them to my DCs in EU...