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Apr 21, 2014
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I Removed all the Duplicate Title's and Description from three page's of my site and now after two day's of the change made, i'm still getting an error message of duplicate meta title and description in google webmaster.

How much time google webmaster take's to update the change's (HTML Improvement's) made in the site ?
and is it necessary to create and submit Sitemap's After each and every change made in the website ?

Your prompt reply will be Greatly Appriciated.
Try to resubmit the sitemap, I have never removed duplicate title and descriptions or never had such problems.
just wait for few more replies here and see what others make suggestions.
mate it depends on numerous factor. does the site have lots of pages or not many? Does it have many backlinks? Is it updated often? Does it have content worth crawling ? actually I have seen sites that have an average crawl rate of around 1000 pages per day take a while (a few weeks) for WMT to update. so you have to wait for sometime sure i will take one week..:)
I believe you're having multiple meta's !! please PM me your website URL so I can check and tell you what the problem really is !!
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