sitemap generator

  1. georgejennings

    How to generate Sitemap manually

    Does anyone know how I can generate a sitemap manually?
  2. Aniket Roy

    [Free] Sitemap Generator for Unlimited URLs

    I noticed that most free sitemap generators have a limit of 500 URLs or 1000 URLs max. I've actually come across one tool which can generate sitemap for unlimited no. of URLs. The website looks a bit out dated but works just fine. Also, there is no option to exclude the <priority> tag while...
  3. Milagro

    What will you say about sitemap created with jetpack ???..

    Hello Mate sometimes I get so confused: I want to know the best plugin to create site map? Jetpack? Yoast google Xml ( i am trying to use less plugins)
  4. K

    XML Sitemap For A Huge Site

    I am looking for a way to generate XML sitemap for a huge site, over 3000 pages, is there a way to do that for free or do I have to purchase a tool that will generate it for me
  5. praveen545445

    unable to generate sitemap

    Hello guys I have issue that i am unable to generate sitemap for my website is it because of cloudflare protection or anything else . Please help me out.
  6. cob123

    Free sitemap generator for large website

    Hi, I have an old website which contains about 6000 pages. I need to build sitemap for this site. Is there any free tool nowadays which can build the sitemap? I don't want to buy any commercial tool because I need to build that sitemap only at once. It's not Wordpress website. Thank you.
  7. Davidnrog

    Need Google Webmaster Tool Help

    I Removed all the Duplicate Title's and Description from three page's of my site and now after two day's of the change made, i'm still getting an error message of duplicate meta title and description in google webmaster. How much time google webmaster take's to update the change's (HTML...
  8. pulkitseo

    Can anyone tell me online tool to generate sitemap of secure server site ?

    Can anyone please tell me online tool that can generate sitemap of https site...coz majority of tools that i have tried failed to generate the sitemap. I need it urgently thanks and regards
  9. youtalk

    How would you structure this sitemap?

    I have over 8 million URLS on my site, and I'm trying to get a better understand of how everyone would structure the sitemaps for these? I understand Google will only accept 50,000 URLS per sitemap, so that would be 160 sitemaps that I would need to create. What does everyone think is the...
  10. A

    Recommendation to create a sitemap for a large site

    I have a site with adult content, very similar to Pinterest. I have around +30,000 pages and growing. What is the best tool you recommended to create a sitemap? I have installed Google Sitemap Generator on my server, however is very limited as it is not supported by Google anymore since several...
  11. R

    Who to create XML sitemap exclude URL parameter in Xenu's Link Sleuth

    I have website which is having 3000+ article/links posted on it. And just week ago it's been redesign and now I've been wondering to create latest XML sitemap for the same. So problem just that when I run the URL in Xenu's Link Sleuth to fetch my website links, its crawling 9000+ links with...
  12. M

    DDSitemapGen or Google XML Sitemaps

    Hi guys im looking to make an autoblog and one of the things i realised i'll need to get decent a decent space on google is a site map. As far as i know the two main sitemap plugins for worpress are DDSitemapGen and Google XML Sitemaps, is there one that you think is better than the other or...
  13. B

    Free Site Map Generator

    Hi, I have been a member a while but sat on the sidelines possibly like many. But I admit I've learned many things and found a tool today that I wanted to share with everyone, originally I had found a sitemap generator that I ran for over a hour and over 3000+ links, it slowed and I stopped...
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