google webmaster

  1. Milagro

    Help , how can I fit this on google webmaster

    This poor link error is really affect my ranking I guess , I need help on how to fix it completely or if someone can help fix as paid server
  2. B

    Site indexed inside GSC but now showing in the search result

    Site is indexed inside the search console but not showing in the search result? What might be the potential causes and solutions to it?
  3. jiya raichand

    Google Webmaster Indexing Issue

    Hi All, Any idea when this indexing issue will resolve. After updating the new page how to index in the search console?
  4. blackworld_abhi

    Disallowed Google webmaster links reflect in ahref backlinks report?

    Recently I disallowed many spam backlinks in google webmaster tool, it will reflect ahref backlinks report?? How can I verify its working or not ?
  5. L

    2 Moneysites on 1 Webmaster

    hi, i just wanna ask. Is it okay i have 2 different moneysites on 1 Webmaster? Or should i separate? the effect will be like what?
  6. Isabella Taylor

    Reason About Google Updates

    We got a good inquiry on 4 & 5 March and 0 inquiry on 6, 7, 8, 9 March it never happened before Our form is working. Our KW ranking is stable, traffic is good so what may be the reason for that?
  7. Isabella Taylor

    How do I find Competitor Analysis Strategy

    I find my competitors as per Keywords, where he made Backlinks. what keywords they are using in PPC & Social Media. Now my question is how can I find more in-depth what strategy they are using to achieve traffic, leads and other points too. Please suggest me the direction so I can achieve that one.
  8. QuanticIT

    Best ways to check indexing?

    How can I check and know that my articles are indexed in Google? I did sitemap submit on webmaster.
  9. Pakistani

    Coverage issues detected on my site by google webmaster

    Deleted as i posted in wrong section. Sorry! ( Moderators please remove this thread as i posted on correct section at :
  10. AdultNiche

    Fix Google Sitemap issue

    I am looking for an experienced technical SEO person, who can figure out 2 issues on my website, and also fixing them. 1. The October's Google Update, vanished almost 70% of traffic, since then positions are bouncing up-down between 20-40. In a day is 20, the next day is 40. 2. Sitemap couldn't...
  11. zippyants

    G Webmaster Incorrect Position Listings?

    Hi all. Anyone had this issue with G webmaster? It is showing as position 1 for a keyword when it's far from reality! The keyword gets about 74k searches per month and I am certainly not no 1 for the KW. It's been showing for a week or so now and even when I do a private search I aint no 1!
  12. wejee

    New Google Webmaster Search Results

    Just checked my Google Webmaster account. Canonical, not Reality? How do you use this? It's showing search results I'm not even really scoring for. Like the top one on the new console, is #87 I had written down my top keywords and pages, and did a manual search. I'm still there, in about the...
  13. Raman Sharma

    Multiple Unwanted Pages Indexed With My Domain.

    Hi, I have a website and before sometime my website was hacked by someone. They put some JavaScript code in my website and around 60k web pages indexed with my website. And now if I check my website page in google indexed, Google showing like this: Anyone can help me to understand that how...
  14. Raman Sharma

    Why my website traffic goes down everyday?

    My website traffic goes down everyday. In last 10 days 7k traffic and 100+ organic keywords lost from my website. Anyone can help me to understand what is this issue and how can I manage this issue?
  15. Raman Sharma

    Issue with Bing webmaster and Google Webmaster Sitemap.

    I am facing some issues with the website sitemap. Bing webmaster showing sitemap error but website proper crawled in bing. And the second issue is with Google webmaster that when I check my website sitemap in chrome then it's not showing in the proper format. Please help me to remove these...
  16. ishakbd555

    How to fix Google Webmaster tools Site Errors

    Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Thanks
  17. O

    000Webhost sitemaps won't accept on Google Console ?

    Has anyone created a site on 000webhost recently ? I made a site a site recently to host a couple things for me, and it appears that Google will not accept any sitemap from my site. I have tried different sitemap plugins for it and even created my own sitemap and uploaded it to the server still...
  18. fizakhan1

    Malware Found In Site

    In Google webmaster showing "your site has malware" resolve it can anyone tell me how should i update and remove this malware from my site?
  19. fizakhan1

    why does it happen?

    why does it happen whenever i try to fetch my url through webmaster tool?
  20. Anna Barley

    Google webmaster verify code

    Can I remove the meta code after verified?
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